T3 construction causes problems for students, teachers

by Meret Patrenos

There have been some changes to Glendale Community College since returning from winter break, construction of a new building being one of those changes. A section next to the Physical Science building has been fenced for the construction of the new building, which will be called the T3 building.

The building is expected to be a building to hold more classes or better yet be able to add new classes to the catalog. So far both students and teachers saying that it is a good and a bad addition talk about the building under construction. The most common issue is the scarce parking that many of students have voiced opinions about.

Not only are the students complaining about the parking but the teachers are concerned as well because the construction has caused the school to lose a lot of the staff parking. Since the beginning of the construction, both teachers and students have lost out on parking they need to make it to class.

Teachers usually get a ticket for parking in the student parking but an email was distributed to all teachers and staff members stating that until the end of the construction they will not be ticketed for parking in the student parking.

One solution is to get to school on time before the mass of cars.  If students are able to get to school about 45 minutes before your class they might be able to find a parking spot and make it to class on time.

Another solution is getting a ride from someone else or public transportation. Public transportation does cost money but students will not have to deal with the frustration of having to find a parking spot.

With the construction going how it is now, the finished product should be done by January 2016. An email sent by the security staff stated “This will remain in effect until the construction period is complete, which is scheduled to be in January 2016.”

Students and teachers will be very grateful when the building is finished and the everyone gets more classrooms for new lectures, but most importantly, the students and teachers will be able to get there parking back.

Dr. Camou says he’s excited to be back on GCC campus

by Meret Patrenos

Dr. Camou returns to GCC after a year and a half of being away.

Being a Dean at Glendale Community College is not an easy career working with many of the school’s departments as well as being involved with the staff of those departments. However, no one was better at that job than Dr. Fernando Camou.


At GCC, Dr. Camou had a great reputation of being hardworking and caring to the staff as well as the students. Dr. Camou was with GCC for many years before he was invited to work at Gateway (GW) Community College when a position opened up as Vice President of Academic Affairs.


“I had a great opportunity to serve at GW at a time in which my skill set was much needed to provide stability and help craft the direction for the near future,” Dr. Camou said.


Dr. Camou’s intention was to stay at Gateway for a year then return to GCC but circumstances had him there for fall 2013 and the entire calendar year of 2014.

When asked about Gateway Community College, Dr. Camou said that it was very different from GCC by saying it was a very small school with a very intimate atmosphere. While being at Gateway, Dr. Camou was able to complete his goals there as well as meet the staff members who were able to help him when necessary so he can be adjusted to the school as quickly as possible.

Dr. Camou admits that it takes about a year to be able to adjust to the school’s cycle on how it runs and to understand the staff and campus of the school before feeling officially settled in. Upon first entering Gateway, he immediately wanted to return back to GCC. It was a whole new experience, but he really missed the staff and students he knew back at GCC.


Upon returning to GCC in early January, many ‘hellos’ and ‘welcome backs’ welcomed him, as well as some changes.

“I am very grateful to be back among my GCC family and focus my efforts on serving our students and staff as we continue working together to advance our beloved and proud institution into it’s bright future,” Dr. Camou said.

On his first day before starting to get back into his work, he felt it would be right to revisit his old co-workers as well as trying to get settled back in to his old job here at GCC. “It take time to be 100 percent back but I’m getting there” Dr. Camou said. Now back in his office, Dr. Camou is extremely happy of the turn of events that have placed him right back here at GCC. Dr. Camou made a lot of new friends and memories at Gateway but he considers GCC to be his home and feels that this is where he belongs.