Is Halloween becoming an adult holiday?

For many years Halloween has been known as a kid’s holiday. On that day children dress up in costumes, and go door to door to collect as much candy as they can. However, throughout the years the holiday has become more of an adult oriented holiday where they dress up and have an excuse to party.

Adults also take finding appropriate costumes very seriously as they have more money to invest in their costumes than kids do. “Picking my costume is one of my favorite parts of Halloween because I love dressing up,” GCC student Jayne Kramer said.

While kids still wear costumes, adults can go all out and get more creative more with their costumes. “One year I could be a Ninja Turtle, and then the next year I could be a breathalyzer,” GCC student Kyle Hilt said. Men and women can also create their own costumes if they choose.

“Some costumes aren’t available at any retail stores or online, so I’ve had to make a costume in the past,” GCC student Chris Gernert said. Adults go onto wear these costumes at numerous Halloween house parties and other events throughout the month of October.

In the weeks leading up to the holiday many people get started early and throw Halloween parties. “I’ve been to three Halloween parties already this month, and the people throwing them take them very seriously,” GCC student Nicole Ybarra said. This can be attributed to Halloween being looked at as a party holiday much like New Years and St. Patrick’s Day.

“My favorite part of Halloween is the parties because people go all out to ensure their parties are the most outrageous,” GCC student Reuben Andrade said. These parties range in ages from college students all the way up to people in their 60’s. “My parents even go to Halloween parties every year because they see it as an excuse to get drunk,” GCC student Ariana Griswold said. Outside of parties, Halloween is also a big time for haunted houses and horror movies targeted to adults.There are numerous haunted houses located throughout Arizona, and some of them are supposed to be really good.

“Chamber of Fear Haunted House is the best haunted house because there are three houses you go through and the price isn’t that bad,” GCC student Matthew Martinez said. Chamber of Fear has been recognized as one of the top ten haunted houses in the country. There are various other haunted houses around the valley for adults as well such as Fear Farm, Jack and Jill’s Haunted Trail, and The Slaughter House.

Besides the haunted houses, October is known for horror movies. The only horror movie being released this year is “Carrie”, but adults love watching horror movies leading up to Halloween.

“I like having a horror movie marathon every year with such movies as “Scream”, “The Exorcist”, and “Halloween” to name a few,” GCC student Terran Drey said. All of these events such as parties, haunted houses, and horror movies are skewed towards adults proving that Halloween is an adult holiday for the foreseeable future.

Chamber of Fear Haunted House Review

The Chamber of Fear Haunted House has been recognized as one of the top ten haunted houses in the country. The hype surrounding it is well warranted because it’s a very well done haunted house that everyone should check out.

The entry price of $22 may seem a bit steep to some, but it is money well spent especially compared to the competition. A lot of the competing haunted houses throughout Arizona use the same scare tactics to get a jolt out of people. The Chamber of Fear uses props, actors, and designs to achieve scaring people.

You start out in the first of three houses which is The Chamber of Fear. This house is the best one because it is the longest and features the most monsters of the three. People can expect to run into zombies with knives in their heads, swamp monsters, and a crazy maniac with a chainsaw. The one set piece that stood out the most to me was the swamp area.

This section probably lasts only 30 seconds, but it is very well done. A fog machine sprays out the mist blinding what’s in front of you and on the side of you. “My favorite part of the first house was running from a maniac with a chainsaw, and then running into a zombie who lunged at me,” GCC student Terran Drey said. The first house must have been pretty scary to other people because I caught up with a group of people who were scared to enter the second part.

The second part is outside and the production design in this section is really good. I found this house less scary than the first because it wasn’t as dark, but it gives people a better chance to see the monster and makeup design. Both are well done and you get the idea as you go through that a lot of work went into getting their respective looks right.

“My friends and me would always go back and forth on who would enter what room first because we knew something was going to pop out at us,” GCC student Kyle Hilt said. The actors also did a great job in this part as well. They would always stay in character and keep jawing back and forth with you.

When you finally hit the last section you go back inside, and the props here really stood out. There was one instance where heads were hanging from sticks and one of them was begging for help. I don’t know how they pulled that off, but it was a very impressive feat.

This part was the shortest house of the three, but the props and production design here were the best of the three. There is a final scare at the way end that’ll catch people off guard as well. Overall, I would say the Chamber of Fear is the best haunted house in Arizona. I’d recommend it to people that love haunted houses and others who don’t think haunted houses are scary.