Luminous art show brightens campus

by Jen Jeske

Cynthia Peterson, former student and teacher at Glendale Community College, has a solo art exhibit “The Luminous Object,” taking place on the main campus.

It will be located in the Student Union building, room SU104. The works will be displayed through Dec. 6.

Students and faculty are welcome to walk into the room any time, given there is not an event held, to look at the works of art.

Artist Cynthia Peterson, an expert in watercolors displays her work in the GCC Student Union through Dec. 6. Photo by Jennifer Jeske

Cynthia is currently teaching oil painting and watercolor classes at Mesa Community College. However, she did teach at GCC for about three years when she first entered teaching.

“I get nostalgic remembering where my classes were, the paths I walked on campus and being so excited to start my career path,” Peterson said.

The key advice Peterson gives students who want to pursue art as a career is that it takes time. “You have to be willing to practice a lot. Study with people, read books, look at as much art as possible,” Peterson said.

Peterson at present has many of her pieces in shows around the valley and country. In this show there are six oil paintings, two graphite drawings, two color pencil drawings and ten watercolor paintings. Although Peterson is mostly known for her watercolors she enjoys various mediums of art.

“It is important for every artist to have versatility,” Peterson said.

Much of her art is inspired by reflection and refraction.  It helps to understand refraction, the idea that light bends and distorts shapes when passing through a transparent substance such as glass.

Luminous seems to be a proper word for the show because the art work demonstrates all of the characteristics: radiating or reflecting a steady glowing light; shining and bright.

For additional information on Cynthia Petersons work students can visit her website for more information

For a price list you can contact Darlene Goto, Art Collection Curator at GCC.

Phone 623-845-3755

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