Cinema Society launches at GCC

By Noah Jaeger

Lights, Cameras, Action! Glendale Community College proudly presents – the motion feature club students have anxiously been waiting for; the organization responsible for bringing the art of filmmaking to a campus near you. Here is, “The Cinema Society!”

Glendale premiers “The Cinema Society” club in the 2013-14 school-year, in order to provide students the chance to enter the world of “Hollywood,” as they are challenged to create motion picture films. “Quote Damian Finn, president of “The Cinema Society,” says.”

The club is designed to be a diverse faction of students who have an interest in cinema creation. “We are just trying to encourage community on campus,” Finn says.  Whether students are watching movies or producing the next GCC blockbuster film, “The Cinema Society’s” goal is to create a fellowship among students.

“Some people have great ideas and are interested in film, but are not necessarily film majors. They want to work on film projects or they want to write something,” Lovinder Gill, faculty advisor, says. “Well you don’t have to change your life and get a degree in it!” “The Cinema Society” is not exclusive to film majors or experts in video production.

As a community, students are encouraged to work together to produce an optimal creation. “There are people who like editing and are good at that and then there are other people who are a lot better with lights,” Finn says. “The beautiful thing about cinema is it’s not limited to the person with the camera; someone has to act, people need to do music, all of these parts are needed,” Gill says.

The human mind is capable of an unlimited amount of ideas, but not an endless supply of money; video equipment can be expensive, but “The Cinema Society” is built to work around such difficulties. “Say if you want to shoot [a video] something, but you don’t have a camera. Well, guess what, that other member has a camera and equipment,” Gill says. “You guys can now work together and make something cool,”

Not only do the club members work with each other, but with other groups as well. “We’re here to support other groups on campus that need videos,” says Finn. For example, a club on campus is starting a website. “You can’t have a website without video on it,” Gill says. Clubs can request for “The Cinema Society” to develop an attention-hooking video. “The Cinema Society” is ready and waiting for new

The community building, filmmaking club is always looking for members. Specifics for club members needed are non-existent at the time. “Anybody interested in cinema, or into acting, animation, music,” Finn says.

For more information on “The Cinema Society,” contact Lovdiner Gill; his office is located in the FA3 building, room 112. Gill supervises the club and is able to supply further information on meetings, film festivals, events and more.

“Fliers will also be up by these next couple of meetings,” Finn says. “People can either stop by one of our meetings or email me directly;” Finn’s email is

Members cannot wait until “The Cinema Society” is kick-started to maximum gear. “We’re excited about it, right now it’s a club and it’s something where we need people involved in,” Gill says. More members are needed in order for the local filmmaking club to reach goals one could only dream of achieving: “The Cinema Society” today, “Hollywood” tomorrow.

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