New Hercules movie goes straight to Hades

Summit Entertainment’s The Legend of Hercules is an origins story about the Greek Demi-God Hercules. It tells the tale of young Hercules’ journey to become the mighty hero he is known for. His mother, Queen Alcmene chooses to carry Zeus’ child to save her kingdom from her tyrannous husband King Amphitryon who has a massive God complex ironically enough.

Knowing Hercules isn’t his son but unknowing to who his true father is, Amphitryon makes Hercules’ life as miserable as possible. His eldest son, Iphicles, is shown favoritism by becoming betrothed to the woman Hercules loves before Amphitryon decides to ship the young hero off to war in Egypt.

“I wish you endless victories in the battle field brother because if you return here I will kill you,” Iphicles says to Hercules after he and Princess Hebe of Crete try to run away together.

Well let’s just say that between a buff half-god and a scrawny, spoilt prince the money will always be on Hercules. Iphicles couldn’t even kill the Lion at the beginning of the film he had Hercules do it for him. Also, if Hercules has many victories in battle, he would return and certainly be strong enough to kill his half-brother twice over.

Hercules is played by actor Kellen Lutz whose good looks and physique may give him the appearance of Zeus’ son, fall short of him truly being able to act the part. He would sound English one minute than American the next not to mention the fact that he got paler throughout the film even though as the movie went on he was outdoors more and more.

The woman who plays Princess Hebe (Gaia Weiss) seemed to only exist as a premise to fill gaps within the movie. She wasn’t often there but they made her the root of the family’s problems instead of the horrible king or his unfaithful queen.

Lutz’s acting wasn’t the only issue with the film; there were several problems not just with the cast but with the script as well. There is a scene between Lutz and Weiss when they are saying how much they love each other and Hebe is very panicky looking. Although her voice and lines suggest she should be more wistful and dreamlike.

“My mother once gave this [stone snake necklace] as a parting gift to my father, although she is with the Gods now… I want you to have it,” Hebe says.

The lines themselves suggest a thoughtful reflection and devotion of her love to Hercules in a symbolic way but Weiss seemed anxious and not so much in love as a bit rushed and forced into her feelings for the young, dashing Hercules.

Although this movie is supposed to be set in Ancient Greece, there is a very distinct inconsistency with the accents. Lutz seems to try and do an English accent at the beginning of the film but speaks with an American accent through the majority. But all the other actors seemed to speak with other accents. Weiss’s accent swapped back and forth between Irish and English and the majority of the other actors sounded either American or American with a hint of an English accent.

Also the movie didn’t follow the legend at all aside from the fact that Hercules was Zeus’ son. Other than that, the movie could have been named The Legend of Bob for the amount it actually pertained to the legend of Hercules itself.

Overall this movie looked like a bad mash-up of Gladiator, Meet the Spartans, and 300. It wasn’t necessary and could have been done so much better.

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