Goodbye Apathy

By Chelsea Johnson


Apathy. It’s defined as having lack of care, interest, or concern. It’s recently come to my attention just how apathetic this generation (generation Y/millennials) really is. The lack of care, interest, and concern that I find myself surrounded by on a daily basis disturbs me. Furthermore, this generation only seems interested in something if the masses are or if the information is  easy and fast to access. What happened to the conquest? What happened to the desire to learn more?

I often wonder if this is just a generational thing–or if it goes deeper than that. Compared to generations that preceded, such as the Baby Boomers and Generation X, they were all about optimism, exploration, achievement, and independence. Meanwhile, Generation Y (what most college students are) is thought to be made up of individuals who aren’t nearly as driven as the generations that preceded.

David Halliday of the Huff Post Business Blog described Generation X as “it’s a generation where everything has come easily…with their laid back attitude and multitasking approach, the tech-savvy Gen Y might be the hardest generation yet.”

One would think that this particular generation would be a force to be reckoned with–seeing as how we possess qualities that could easily make us unstoppable in anything we do. Yet, I know far too many people who let their talents or abilities fall by the waist side. They simply become apathetic. The question then becomes, where does this apathy stem from? There are an innumerable amount of reasons as to why.

For some, it could come from the priorities they now have plotted out for their life (marriage, kids, jobs) those three factors have a way of consuming someone’s life where they don’t see beyond their reality. So, they don’t do things like read the newspaper, or watch the news, or volunteer, or just do any of those humbling activities to expose and inform themselves more to the world at large.

I’m even guilty of allowing myself to get so caught up in my world, that I don’t see the real world that surrounds my world. I won’t educate myself on what’s going on, I won’t care to. Because I’ll see everything that happens that doesn’t directly affect me as irrelevant. The difference is, I realize this fact about myself and take forward motions each day to slowly back away from that Generation X “fast and easy” mindset. I think we’d all benefit more and grow more as well rounded individuals if we just took a few moments each day to recognize what’s around us. Just say goodbye to apathy.

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