Tiresome, beneficial world of social media

By Hector Ibanez

It’s no secret social media has changed the world over the past decade. It has helped spread news, reconnect with old friends, and stay in touch with family.

Although, being linked to the entire world can be nice, it can also get to be too much. Case in point, we are living in a time where people are judged on the amount of “likes” and “favorites” on their status updates or tweets. People also tend to have sense of self-importance and spew their ridicules opinion that does not have any validity. Time and time again, I see on my newsfeed people suddenly becoming experts in politics and various other social issues.

Don’t get me wrong, sites like Twitter is a great tool to get news when the major news outlets are not reporting on the situation. For example, I learned more about the circumstances surrounding Ferguson, Missouri through people in the streets live-tweeting rather than watching CNN or MSNBC. I was also able find out about GCC’s closure because last Monday from Facebook.

Sometimes it’s good to step away from it all once in a while. The brain can become inundated with Facebook drama, friends asking why you didn’t “like” their status, and just the overall nuisance it can be at times.

On the flip-side, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can be great to follow your friends and family member’s goings-on. Also, it’s a great way to get the word out about certain events or charitable fundraisers. For instance, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge rose over $100 million all because people saw the video on every platform of social media elected to participate and contribute.

“I like that I can have access to endless information no matter what time it is. I can talk to whoever I want and it makes communicating with people easier,” Meghan Dwyer said.

Social media can be a great resource to communicate, but as stated earlier, it’s good to get away. I’ve deactivated my Facebook a few times over the past year and half and I felt better not having to deal with drama and being inundated with baby pictures.

I suppose my problem lies with Facebook more than anything else because god forbid I don’t like or comment on someone’s picture of their dog or else all hell would break loose.

More and more people are using Twitter more often and I can’t blame them. Having to juggle multiple social media accounts can be tiresome.

In my journey of deactivating and reactivating my Facebook, I’ve learned how to avoid all those annoying intricacies and made it a pleasant experience.

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