Big Spender, Big Winner?

Record breaking transfer window leaves fans anxious, owners more so

If you’re like me and you follow soccer at all (oops, “football”), then you should know by now how crazy this summer has turned out to be. Not only did we have the world cup to watch for a month straight, which in all honesty controlled my life up until Germany lifted the trophy, but we had a saga of wheels and deals to worry about back home! Or if you’re a supporter of a European club, even more so!

The Premier League has dominated the landscape of world soccer for a good, well forever. The players that go in or come out of the 20 teams in the league are the best in the world and get paid big bucks for it.

This summer, according to, Premier League teams spent an estimated 835 million pounds on players to improve their teams. That is equal to the sum of a whopping 1.35 billion US Dollars. That makes for an average of more than 60 million Dollars spent per team. I mean, wow.

First and foremost, I am a Manchester United fan. Yeah, yeah, 5 points in 4 games isn’t that great but there’s a long season ahead. What I’m excited about is all the deals we made for great players such as Marcos Rojo, Angel Di Maria, Daley Blind, Ander Herrera, and Luke Shaw. Not to mention the shock of the transfer window, signing striker sensation Falcao to a 1-year deal.

But it isn’t just about my team, everybody’s team is impacted. Liverpool brought Mario Balotelli back to the Premier League, and rightfully sent Luis Suarez and his over-used teeth to Barcelona where he will spend his first three months on suspension. Chelsea bought Spanish striker Diego Costa, who is already making waves as the leading scorer. Arsenal bought Chilean star Alexis Sanchez following his great performances in Brazil. Even smaller teams like Leicester made moves, signing veteran Esteban Cambiasso.

The transfer window even affects us here too! Just look at American export DeAndre Yedlin, who is currently playing for the Seattle Sounders. Come January 2015, he will be joining Tottenham Hotspur in London. Or how about former England international Jermain Defoe? His prowess has certainly showed since joining Toronto FC earlier this summer.

United States International DeAndre Yedlin will join Tottenham after great success with Seattle
United States International DeAndre Yedlin will join Tottenham after great success with Seattle

All in all, I love the game, and it doesn’t just stop at the Premier League. Hundreds of thousands of players made moves to new clubs this summer, and money was made or lost because of it. All the revenue these clubs and owners get from licensing and TV deals goes straight back into the heart of the team, and that is something to be admired, whether or not your team wins or loses. So keep an eye out come January, when the next transfer window comes along, and see what kind of cash is forked out on players.

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