Desert Swirl pleases taste-seekers

by Jessica Snyder

desert swirl1

Desert Swirl, located at 4273 Thunder Bird Rd, offers a healthy frozen yogurt alternative. Desert Swirl serves “Only 8” yogurt, which consists of only eight ingredients and has just eight calories per ounce.

It seems there are frozen yogurt shops on every corner. The average frozen yogurt shop packs 114-250 calories into a small cup (six-eight ounces), while Desert Swirl is only 48-64 calories for the same amount.

“My family and I love that place,” said Mario Ortiz, Glendale resident.

Desert Swirl opened in 2002 and is the only yogurt shop to carry the Only 8 line, which is gluten free. It also has no fat or cholesterol and is naturally sweetened with no preservatives. Only 8 is safe for most diabetics and lactose intolerants.

“It’s a great place. The owners are amazing, known them for 20 years,” Ethan Karlson, Glendale resident, said.

Jamie and Dalene Kurtz are the owners of Desert Swirl. They have had multiple locations across the Valley, but the one at Thunderbird was the first and is the only one still open.

There are other choices for those who do not wish to partake in frozen yogurt. Desert Swirl also offers smoothies, shakes, sundaes and Thrifty brand ice cream.

“Of all the things we have here, I am most proud of the only 8 because it is a healthy alternative,” said Dalene Kurtz.

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