Letter from the Editor-in-Chief

by Jessica Snyder

Dear Readers,


Welcome back! I hope that you had a wonderful winter break and that you are ready for the spring semester here at GCC. If you are anything like me, it took every ounce of energy to roll out of bed and show up. I love school, but after a month off, my schedule got very mixed up and my body does not respond well to early mornings.

I dread the mess that is our school parking lot, I struggle with how to dress as the weather shifts from cold to warm throughout our day and my brain is more excited for Netflix than homework assignments. I hope to shake this funk soon. In the meantime, I keep telling myself, “Spring break is just around the corner.”

I feel that this semester will be a great one. I was hoping to graduate, but unfortunately, I was only able to take three of the five classes I need to make that happen, so I will not be graduating until fall. I cannot believe the time is almost here. It has taken much longer than the two years it was supposed to take, but what can you do? Some classes are only available every other semester or they keep getting dropped due to low enrollment. However, the finish line is in sight and that is almost enough to get me out of my vacation haze.

What I want most this semester is for more students to read our paper. Can you hand a couple to your friends? I would also like to get more feedback and submissions. If you love to write, take pictures or enjoy graphic design, please come visit me at The Voice newsroom in HT2-125. We are always accepting freelance work.

What do you want most this semester? Keep those goals in sight to keep yourself motivated during times of struggle. Good luck this semester. I know you can do it. Remember, spring break is just around the corner.

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