Knowledge Bowl arrives

Knowledge Bowl arrives

By Dani Horn

Today, the Knowledge Bowl will be held in the Student Union.

The competition is administered every semester by STEM club. It is a Jeopardy-style game in which participants can answer questions for cash that goes toward funding their club activities.

“The top three clubs receive money in their GCC account for winning,” said Chemistry Professor and Knowledge Bowl organizer, Dr. Kim Smith. “First place gets $100, second gets $60 and third gets $40.”

Only GCC students who are members of an official campus club can compete in the bowl and of those club members, only a limited number of people can play. “Up to 15 clubs can participate with up to three members each, thus a max of 45 students can play,” Smith said. “There is one game with 40 questions. Whichever club has the most correct answers wins.”

STEM club member and geology major, Chris Leffler, has competed twice in the Knowledge Bowl and has experienced both the agony of defeat and the sweet taste of victory. “The first Knowledge Bowl I was in, we did pretty well but we didn’t manage to get top three,” Leffler said. “Last year we won it all though!”

The Knowledge Bowl has been running since 2004. The long standing game draws out numerous students to come cheer for their favorite teams. And just like other college competitions, teams clash and become polarized.

“There are rivalries,” Smith said. “STEM and Biotech have a fierce rivalry and there are usually 100 to150 in the audience watching.”

The Knowledge Bowl is a free event which runs from 1- 3 p.m. in the Student Union. GCC club members are encouraged to join the bowl with their club teams.

“If you are in a club, you should compete,” Leffler said. “It’s a ton of fun, plus there is free pizza.”

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