GCC student to be on radio talk show

By: Emily Balli

Valentine’s Day… a day that normally revolves around love, flowers and candy. But not for Aja Sanders. This Valentine’s Day, Sanders will be debuting a talk show on a local internet radio station.

On the radio talk show, “Ladies of AZ,” Sanders will discuss a variety of topics with her mother and two of her mother’s friends. The talk show will take place every Saturday on Phoenix internet radio station, Curb Radio.

Sanders is a 19-year-old, Phoenix native and second-year student at GCC. She is a journalism major and she enjoys writing, music and dance. Sanders is a full time student and in addition she also works full time at Sixt car rentals.

Another priority in Sanders’ life is her family. She is the oldest of four siblings and considers herself another parent to them. “I’m extremely close with my family and my siblings. I’m honestly like another parent to my siblings because I’m very protective and strict with them,” Sanders said.

Sanders decided to start a radio talk show with her mom to not only further her journalism experience but to also let her voice and opinions be heard. “My main goal is to strengthen the black community and let people my age know that we can succeed with positivity. [Also], I’m so interested in other people’s lives and I want to know everyone’s backgrounds and how they differ from my own.” Sanders said.

Sanders hopes to pursue a career in journalism and continue her education at ASU’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism in Phoenix. She also says that through her education, her career and her life she hopes to travel and experience new things, “[I want to] get out of Arizona, to just explore and meet new people and see new things. I love Arizona and it will always be home but I’ve always been here and I don’t know anything else.”

“Ladies of AZ,” airs on Saturday, February 14, at 6 p.m. at curbradio.com. For more information visit curbradio.com or facebook.com/LadiesofAZ.


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