Peterson and Peterson art show shines in the student union

By Sarah Box

Glendale Community College supports all careers and encourages students to find an artistic skill. Art shows allow students and art professionals’ different views on the talents of other artists.

Willis ‘Pete’ Peterson, a longtime professional photographer, joined his daughter Cynthia Peterson in an art show hosted by GCC to showcase their artistic ability and hopefully increase an interest in art for all.

“It’s kind of unusual for a father and daughter to work together, but that is what makes the show even better,” Mr. Peterson said.

The reception for the “Peterson & Peterson” art show began on Feb. 6 and will remain in the Student Union through the month of February.

The art shows demonstrates many of Pete Peterson’s photography skills featuring photos taken throughout his career. Some works include different sceneries and wildlife as well as Cynthia Peterson’s water colored artwork, displayed in huge frames. There was also a picture book with articles written about Pete Peterson throughout his long career.

Pete Peterson has been in the photography business for over eighty-three years He also taught art at GCC. While at the reception with his daughter, he was able to see life-long friends and students he once taught support him and his daughter’s work.

“I’m a teacher at heart, wanting to teach youngsters and study the beauty of nature is what I love doing,” said Pete Peterson.

Cynthia Peterson, art teacher at Mesa Community College and Pete Peterson’s daughter, had many of her water colored art at the show. Those pieces took months of preparation and finishing touches. When GCC called her to help plan an art show she was ecstatic to do it, especially when they said she could do it with her father.

“We had to do a lot of editing with how much work and space we had. It took a lot of time,” said Cynthia Peterson.

Many people came to the reception to view the work. Many were friends and students of both artists. Many were in awe of the work shown and were also curious about who was able to create the masterpieces.

“It was a very interesting and unique program,” said Jerry Sieve, an artist in fine arts, photography, and painting.

Another longtime student, Carol Thomas, was able to view her former teacher’s work in person.

“Cynthia Peterson is one of my favorite artist. She was my teacher and she blows me away ever time. It was really nice to see a father and daughter working together in something like this,” Carol Thomas said.

Many of the art pieces done by Cynthia Peterson have been done with extra care. Pete Peterson’s steady photos that have been taken around the United States in locations such as; Arizona, California, Alaska, and Florida as well as out of the country with Central America and the Caribbean Islands.

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