‘Project Almanac’ brings time travel to theaters

by Sarah Box

Most people have seen the crazy hectic movie, Back to the Future, about the time jumping to some point in the future or past. With the new movie, Project Almanac, released on Jan. 30—viewers get to see exactly that. This science fiction movie, directed by Dean Israelite, has very little major disappointments.

Project Almanac is about a teenage boy named David Raskin (Jonny Weston) who discovers his deceased father’s theory on time travel hidden in his basement workshop. One aspect of this film, which makes it unique, is the way in which it is filmed. The movie is shot in such a way that it seems the teenagers are shooting it on a home video camera.

Other movies have used this tactic in a in the past such as The Paranormal Activity series and Blair Witch Project. Since horror movies tend to be the genre that uses this filming tactic, it is a welcome surprise to many in the science fiction genre.

More and more movies are being filmed this way.

The movie contained serious moments in addition to basic teenage comedy that one might witness among friends in groups. The movie felt realistic because of these factors.

There is no perfect film. Every movie has good and bad aspects. One problem noticeable in the film is it seemed the writers threw in extra scenes just to stretch the movies length.

The main plot of the story didn’t progress as much as it should have in the beginning, which writers sometimes do to stretch out the film. It was noticeable that was their intention in this particular film.

People who are not knowledgeable in science might find it hard to follow along in some scenes due to the scientific wording. The file also leaves a few questions unanswered. The character development was phenomenal.

Overall the film was good, I would give it eight out of 10 stars. There was humor, romance, science, time travel, love and friendship. All great qualities in a movie. I would highly recommend seeing Project Almanac.

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