Glendale Glitters lights up downtown with annual celebration


by Leah Myers

Glendale Glitters kicked off its holiday celebrations Friday November 23. From 5 to 10 p.m., friends and families bustled around historic downtown Glendale, centralizing on Murphy Park. The festivities will continue every weekend through Jan. 12.

“It’s very exciting to see so many people supporting our local merchants. In today’s world, where it’s so easy to shop online, it’s refreshing to have that old-fashioned feeling of mom and pop shops,” said Jennifer Porter, a Glendale Community College student.

Giant tree is a staple of downtown’s Glendale Glitters annual celebration. Photo by Meret Patrenos

Porter has three children of her own, ages 12, 10 and 9, and added she was happy to have a friendly place to take them.

The activities set up all across the area contained fun for kids of all ages. Bounce houses, carriage rides, live music and dance performances were accompanied by Christmas lights hanging from nearly every tree and post in the area.

Glendale Glitters is an annual event put on by the city of Glendale each year. It is centered on family bonding, with Santa’s Village being a main attraction for younger children.
Also present are the many local vendors, selling food and novelty items such as humorous clocks or beautifully crafted jewelry boxes.

Some citizens were worried that failing to approve Propositions 204 and 457 would eliminate funds used for such festivities. The proposition did not pass. The tax in Glendale remains at 10.2 percent, it has ensured the existence of Glendale Glitters for at least this year and, hopefully, many more to come.

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