GCC gives students a chance to celebrate the Lunar Eclipse

by Sarah Box

New Year’s Day has come and gone, as well as the Chinese New Year, also known as the Lunar Eclipse, celebrated at Glendale Community College on Tuesday, Feb. 17 in the Student Union 104. The event was directed and organized by Meikuei Chan and Bel Winemiller. Both won the award together for 2010’s Diversity Advisory Council Award of Excellence for GCC.

There was a fortuneteller, dances, Chinese calligraphy, a fashion show and a demonstration of martial arts. They had a coloring competition with prizes that contained many different items that differ from toys or school supplies for the winners.

Beautiful Chinese artifacts were available for people to buy such as jewelry, pictures and many more different unique items.

The final part of the event was the luncheon that lasted for about an hour and became the major success of the whole event from the long line that stretched around the entire room to be able to get a piece of traditional Chinese foods.

This year, the “Year of the Goat/Sheep” lasted from 10 in the morning until 1 in the afternoon in order for everyone to be able to experience the many different events that were offered. GCC was promoting this little party for some time now online as well as on their digital billboard outside of campus.

The campus was able to give a lot of fun activities for students, parents, and even teachers. The Student Union’s room was decorated in red and gold traditional Chinese decorations that represent the New Year. A projector showed guest pictures of China and their festivals from over time. There was also music that was played for the guests to enjoy traditional Chinese atmosphere.

Students who had classes the day of the event were still able to make to enjoy the different festivities because of how long the event ran. A schedule, which highlighted when the dragon dance, lectures on the importance of the Lunar Eclipse and with ending with a luncheon served with traditional Chinese foods, was organized for the goer’s convenience.

Many people seemed very satisfied about the event saying, “it was cool” and “a good way to celebrate the New Year.” As everyone watched in awe with the performances that showcased classical dances, a dragon dance, and the martial arts demo not a single person seemed disappointed on the event at all and had fun celebrating the new year.


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