Letter from the Editor-in-Chief


by Jessica Snyder

Dear Readers,
Recently plus size model, Tess Munster, was the first model over size 16 to be signed to a major modeling agency, MiLK Model management.
Munster is just 5 feet 5 inches tall, and wears a size 22. These proportions are unheard of in the modeling industry.
That alone would be cause for news, but there has been a wave of hate thrown toward Munster after she was signed that is really grabbing people’s attention.
Twitter and Instagram have blown up with messages directed at Munster for being fat, ugly, obese, “a whale” and a horrible role model. Some people are trying to wrap the hate in kind words—declaring they are worried about her health but no matter what way you paint it, it is body shaming.
Why do we, as a society, think it is okay to comment on other people’s bodies or health?
Plenty of large people are in fine health. I know that there are health risks associated with being fat, but they are just that—risks.
It does not necessarily mean that every overweight or obese person has these health problems. Believe it or not, many large women exercise on a regular basis to maintain health.
Some women actually like to be fat. GASP!! That is a hard pill to swallow in a world that reduces fat people to “less than” everyone else.
What I want to see happen is for everyone to stop thinking it is their right to ridicule other people’s choices with their body.
Whether a person is too fat, too thin, or has tattoos or piercings should be none of our concern.
Why do we feel so threatened by people who are completely comfortable in their skin?
Is it our own insecurities peeking through?
Instead of tearing each other down, we should be building each other up. Be happy for the successes of others, especially in arenas where someone is breaking a stereotype.
Yes, Munster is a size 22. Yes, she has the right to feel just as beautiful as a woman who is a size 2.
This should not bother anyone. This should only inspire those who are different than the norm to expect exceptional things for themselves.
We all deserve that.

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