Read Across America advocates reading just for fun

by Dani Horn Several silly, sweet, snazzy, slaphappy and sunshiny short-stories, songs and sonnets by none other than Dr Seuss will be performed at Glendale Community College on Monday, March 2.

“It’s this day that’s really designed to have people stop, move away from their computers, put down their electronics and really read something,” said GCC  Library Instruction Coordinator and campus Read Across America organizer, Dede Elrobeh. “Typically its in early spring, this year it happens to fall on Monday March 2 which is Dr. Seuss’ birthday, so that’s why were having the theme, you know, read a Dr. Seuss book.”

GCC is holding this family friendly reading as part of Read Across America, a National Education Association program that promotes literacy through events and reading resources, now in its 18th year of operation. Students and faculty can come sit and listen to a few of their favorite Seuss’ tales, or read aloud to others, between classes from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The campus’ resident book club, GCC Reads, is sponsoring the event for the first time this year, in addition to regular weekly book readings. The club aims to promote leisurely, non-required literary consumption.

“We were looking for creative ways to encourage  students to read for leisure, so not reading a text book that your instructor assigned to you, not something for work, not have-to reading, just reading for pleasure,” Elrobeh said. “We were thinking, what is a way that we can make it fun and highlight this activity and encourage students to do just that, read for leisure.”

“So if you’re a GCC student and you wanted to participate with GCC Reads, you would just come to one of the weekly discussion meetings, we give you the book, you read the book on your own time and then every week, we come and discuss something dealing with the book,” Elrobeh said

GCC Reads is participating in Read Across America as a way to further advocate for reading just for the fun of it to different age groups, just as they did last year.

“Last semester we had a read aloud with the Head Start kids where our student readers came in and read stories to the preschoolers,” said Elrobeh.

“[This semester] we decided to have a read aloud outside since its so beautiful here in March, anybody can show up this time and grab a snack and sit and listen or they can get up and read, its all very casual and informal and its just for the love of reading.”

The GCC America Reads event takes place on the lawn north of the TDS building. Readers can bring their own copies of Dr. Seuss favorites or pick up and read one of the many that will be on-hand. Popcorn and water bottles will be served.

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