Spring break loses cool factor as student practicality increases

A 2012 “New York Times” article written during spring break described a tamer, more self-conscious attitude amongst students who were about to partake in the age-old college tradition of partying out the stresses of the semester.

It credited a shift in bad behavior to the ubiquity of camera phones and to the lightning fast ability of social media to spread a less than favorable pic.

It seemed young adults were more thoroughly examining the potential repercussions of taking multiple Fireball shots and joining in for a friendly game of strip beer pong.

There has been a shift in the way Spring Breakers party, but not one that points towards modesty.

“I haven’t necessarily seen a change in behavior because of social media, you might feel a little more remorse,” said Lake Havasu’s London Bridge Resort General Manager, Cal Sheehy. “But I don’t know if it has actually changed how Spring Breakers behave or what they do when it’s their time to recreate during the Spring Break experience.”

According to Sheehy, Spring Breakers it seems are becoming not more prudish but rather, are evolving into smarter and more experience driven consumers.

“As new college aged kids come of age and they want to celebrate Spring Break their way, things have changed,” said Sheehy. “Today’s Spring Breaker is interested in a little bit more sophisticated experience. They’re focused on the experience side of it, whether that’s a poolside experience or a nighttime bar/club experience or live acts.”

He also points to the fact that as technology gets smarter, so do students who know parents and potential employers are watching.

“They think about it but I don’t think it changes their behavior as much as it changes the way that they set their privacy and security settings on social media,” said Sheehy

Another factor in how students are being portrayed as more reserved is the financial strain that most students contend with.

A recent GCC poll of 130 students revealed 95 would be staying home for Spring Break for financial or other reasons.

A choice between recklessly blowing one’s cash on the trip of a lifetime and saving for monthly rainy days has to made.

“Money affects pretty much everything in life,” said GCC sophomore and Digital Cinema Arts major, Jake Thompson. “Living in an apartment versus owning a house, Honda Accord versus a Lamborghini, staying at home versus going to Cancun.”

“That being said, given the opportunity and finances, I would probably go do a big Spring Break if only to experience it and to have one of those stories to tell,” said Thompson.

Most AZ Spring Breakers do end up having to budget themselves in favor of taking that helicopter ride up the Colorado River.

If there are less drunken experiences to Snap Chat or Tweet, theoretically, fewer images will make their way to the Internet.

“I don’t really have the dough to be going out and partying for Spring Break but that’s OK though,” said GCC Freshman, Tatianna Munford. “Girls go all out for these really big parties-new $90 bikini, new $100 Ray Bans, overpriced waxing and dyeing and make-up and then they get tipsy and just end up with a really polished pic of themselves on Facebook throwing up over the side of a party boat.”

Although it seems that most students will be reeling themselves in next week, many more will still completely delve into the wild legacy that college Spring Break is famous for.

Even with numerous camera phones, video apps and social media sites, even being limited by how much they make, young adults should be able to take part in the tradition that rewards them for all their hard, scholarly work. They are entitled to and deserve a carefree experience that they will never forget.

“You don’t hear a lot of stories starting off with, “This one time at the beginning of spring semester,” said Thompson. “No, all the exciting and juicy stories generally start off with, “I remember this one Spring Break…”

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