Letter from the Editor

by Jessica Snyder

Dear Readers,

Today, I want to talk about religion. This is a hot-button issue, but it seems to be popping up around me often these days, I personally, do not know what I believe anymore. I was baptized a Christian. I have a tattoo on my back with scripture in it.

I like to believe that there is a God.

From my experience, the church itself is where I found the problem. There was no place more gossipy and judgmental than the church I was a member of.

I know, I know. Not all churches are like that. Except, in my experience—they have been. I felt like I was in high school again, where everyone thought it was necessary to voice their opinion about everyone else. I needed to get away from that level of negativity, so I left the church.

My best friend is an atheist. My brother is an atheist. Another friend keeps trying to recruit me to her church, promising me it will be a different experience.

This is where I have landed in my beliefs regarding religion—I hope there is a God.

I hope this for my sake, for my son’s sake and for humanity as a whole. But, I will never be a part of a Christian church again. It felt very cult-like to me and I never felt at home. I think if you commit to something, it should make you happy. The church never made me happy.

Religion is personal. What I have just shared with you is my personal experience. I am in no way trying to influence others to stray from their beliefs. I am just hoping that they stop trying to sway me towards theirs.

I also wanted to bring attention to the fact that we are a large campus with a diverse population of students—but we only have Christian clubs?

Something doesn’t seem to add up (it’s hard to believe, but not everyone has Christian beliefs.) This school is made up of many different religious beliefs, which aren’t represented in the religious based clubs offered on campus.

If we are giving people a place to join amongst like-minded individuals, I feel we should have more than Christian clubs or no religious clubs whatsoever.

Maybe this is something we should look into further. Everyone has a right to believe or not believe whatever they choose. So why are we not offering them more options on the GCC campus?

Wherever you stand on the religion spectrum, you should always have the rights and freedoms to express your thoughts. I feel that GCC is failing us all in this arena by only catering to the Christian population.

Then of course, there is separation of church and state so maybe religious clubs shouldn’t even be allowed on college campuses.

I will leave this for you to decide, but I think we need to either eliminate the existing clubs OR add more options.


Jessica Snyder

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