‘Home’ hits a home run opening weekend, beating ‘Get Hard’

by Jessica Snyder

DreamWorks newest animated film, “Home,” wins the box-office opening weekend, with $54 million. 

An alien race called Boov show up on Earth after running from another undisclosed location. The Boov motto is that it is never too late to run away. Viewers get the impression the Boov have been running for a long time.

The story centers on the relationship between a Boov named Oh (Jim Parsons) and a young girl named Gratuity Tucci (Rhianna), but her friends call her “Tip.” After the Boov arrive on Earth and relocate humans to Australia in what they believe is a “Happy Human Town”’ Oh accidentally sends an email invitation to a party to the whole galaxy, including the enemy of the Boov—Gorg’s. This makes Oh an enemy of the Boov and he runs away in true Boov fashion.

Oh meets Tip in a convenient store and after some convincing, she allows him to travel with her on a journey to find her mother.

The best part of this movie is the relationship dynamics between these two characters.Tip teaches Oh the very fundamentals of humanity. The audience gets the sense that Tip is teaching Oh in much the way a mother teaches a child. That realization makes the fact that this young girl is all alone even more sad. (I am under the impression that Tip is in seventh grade, although her knowledge of the world gives her an older vibe.)

Ultimately, this is a story about home. Tip is trying to find her mother, her sense of belonging—home. Oh doesn’t know it at the beginning, but he is looking for the same thing. Even the enemy of the Boov, Gorg’s just want their family. The film is aptly named, well put together and makes the audience feel. That is all I need from a movie.

The friendship between Tip and Oh is tested several times throughout the movie, but in the end the pair learn the true meaning of HOME together.  And yes, Oh finally stops running away.

The movie is good family fun for al ages and the voice of Oh is just too adorable not to like. With phrases such as “sad mad” and “warming of house party,” Oh becomes a character that is completely unique and lovable.

Home is rated PG and has a run time of 94 minutes. The movie was released March 27.  I give this clever and fun comedy an A.

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