Prof. Roderick reaches out to literature lovers

by Casie Ruth

Being an educator may be one of the most under-appreciated jobs, but for Glendale Community College Professor Roderick, the reward he receives from teaching outweighs everything else. An alumnus from GCC, Roderick knew that teaching was his calling.

“I liked my experience. When I walked into the classroom for the first time and saw the students, I just knew that it was what I was supposed to do,” said Roderick.

Roderick graduated from GCC in 1997 and immediately became a teacher. He currently teaches composition classes such as English 101, English 102, English 200, British literature, and film and literature.

“I just love to teach. I love to improve lives,” Roderick said.

With a complete rejection of online education, Roderick is a firm believer in a traditional classroom setting to fully achieve a well-rounded learning experience.

Moreover, his philosophy on teaching will never include group work. What he does believe, however, is that reading and studying literature changes lives in a positive light.

Roderick strives to ignite student’s interest in literature even if they never thought writing would move them to begin with.

What sets Roderick apart from many teachers is his belief that every student is unique and should never be treated as a number.

“I really enjoy taking a student who struggles with writing concepts and analyzing literature and watching what happens in a short period of time,” said Roderick

Professor Roderick applies his love for literature outside of the classroom by being the creator of the literature club at GCC.

The literature club meets every Friday from 1-2:30 p.m. in the administration building, and Roderick and the members are always excited to welcome new members.

For students who have a passion for literature, this is the club molded for them. A typical meeting will involve discussing a short story or piece of literature that was assigned a week prior. Fortunately, the works that are nominated are generally short in the favor of busy schedules.

The club discusses and dissects works of literature to discover inconspicuous concepts by the author or relate to their own experiences.

Other than discussion, the literature club gets involved in other stimulating activities such as putting authors, musicians, or entertainers on display in the library every October.

In addition, during the week of Feb. 23, the club attended an International Edgar Allan Poe Convention in New York where they visited panels on the gothic author. Besides reading, the literature club is open to suggestions to attend other activities and events.

“My favorite part of the club is the diversity. We are such a mixed group of people who are all majoring in different things but come together to do what we love,” Molly Sosa, president of the literature club said.

Students who are interested in joining the literature club always have the opportunity to join, as there are not any qualifications or experience necessary.

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