Letter from Editor-in-Chief

by Jessica Snyder

Dear Readers,

This semester I have encountered a professor who has changed my perspective on many things, mainly on myself. I am pursuing a Public Relations degree and was afraid a required Video Production Technology class was going to get canceled, setting me back another semester. I decided to be proactive and I substituted that VPT class with a TCM class. I swapped screenwriting for scriptwriting. I am so thankful that I did.

On the first day of class, Professor Lovinder Gill walked in and announced his expectations immediately. He set the tone of the class from the get-go and slackers need not try to skate by in this classroom. I will admit that I was extremely scared that first day. I learned I would be expected to write a 50-page screenplay by the end of the semester. What!? I don’t know how to do that. 50 pages? 

Yep. I also learned if I was early, I was on time—if I was on time I was late—and if I was late, I was fired. Well, dropped at least.

Gill does not tolerate poor grammar or lack of effort. Students are required to show up and participate. Late assignments will get tossed in the trashcan. 

Gill is giving students a taste of what it’s like in the real world. He very clearly states what is expected of each individual and he follows through.

Follow-through resonates with me. Too many professors I have experienced in my journey at GCC say they have expectations but then let students coast by. I don’t believe letting us coast by does anyone any favors. Recently, a student who had previously taken Gill’s class and I were discussing our feelings. Upon my declaration of Gill having found a way into my heart as my favorite professor, she stated that said more about me than it did about him. I asked her to elaborate and she perfectly captured why some may love Gill while others, eh—not so much.

Here it is; Gill challenges us. He makes us think. He makes us feel. He makes us look deep into ourselves and analyze our actions.  He makes us accountable. So students who want to be challenged will thrive in his classroom.

After a couple days in his class, I would go home and just think about so many different things. My imagination is flowing over in ways it never has before.

I am much more self-aware and I can better understand the choices and actions I make. All of this from a scriptwriting class. Who knew?

I have encountered many great professors at GCC who I respect deeply. Gill tops that list for me. Remember the things I mentioned Gill was able to do? Challenge us, make us think, make us feel and make us accountable.

The best thing he did for me this semester was inspire me. At a time where I am close to graduation and running out of gas, that little spark was lit again. The spark of inspiration.  It is a powerful tool. 

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