STEM plans nature escape

by Lucas Bryner

The Glendale Community College STEM club has planned an overnight trip to the Grand Canyon, including a visit to the meteor crater in Northern Arizona, a stop at Lowell Observatory and a lot of volunteer opportunities.

“[STEM Club] allowed me to find a community that is passionate about the same things I am passionate about,” last semester’s STEM vice president, Hector Rochin, said.

 In meetings, there are scheduled activities to experiment and learn more about different aspects of these four areas of curiousity.  Hands-on activities near the student union, are available for students to partake in.

Near the end of the semester the STEM club will have an overnight Jet Propulsion lab in California. Another event is a geologist from a planetary who explains different formations that occurred in the Grand Canyon.

In order to attend any major trips, a STEM club student must first attend eight or more meetings in order to become an official member.

The club hosts a lot of guest speakers from ASU, such as an admission representative that talks about the engineer program. All of these events offer students the chance to build connections with teachers, other students and professionals from their areas of interest.

There will be a lot of incredible chances to learn more about the field choices while learning more about the STEM program at the same time.

“STEM club leads other GCC clubs in terms of ambition and providing a cutting-edge club experience, always evolving what a community college club is capable of pulling off in just a few semesters,” Jason Price, STEM student since Spring 2014 said.

STEM will host a variety of upcoming events this year. Feb. 6,  the club will go to the Challenger Space Center to do a Mars Mission activity.

 Another activity will take place Feb. 27. The  SciTech Festival is a place where students get a chance to interact directly with the scientific method.

To sign up for the STEM club, head to one of the meetings and ask how getting involved can change the way people view different aspect regarding these areas.

STEM club meets every Friday at 2 p.m. in MA-126.

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