Time capsule to be opened in 2040

by Danny Bush

Students and staff at Glendale Community College united to celebrate the school’s 50th anniversary April 1. As a part of the celebration, the Associated Student Government, led by president Rico Moran, buried a time capsule to commemorate the culture here on campus.

Iconic things like an iPhone, a flash drive, and an empty box of sushi (courtesy of the campus cafeteria) were displayed on a table as faculty and students gathered to witness the burying. Several items of GCC paraphernalia accompanied odds and ends such as a Keurig coffeemaker and a calculator.

Before the time capsule was buried, Moran took the opportunity to read a letter he addressed personally to whomever the future ASG president may be. “I had no idea how to start our letter to our future president,” Moran said.

Moran started by expressing gratitude for being part of the ASG. He told of his experience with the Male Empowerment Network. After wishing he could say more about GCC, Moran began drawing comparison between now and the future.

“Music has been a sense of unity for students in 2015,” Moran said. He continued to joke about how advances the future president would be compared to Moran. “If you do not have Google, I hope you have found a way of sharing all of the world’s information,” said Moran.

Moran concluded his letter sentimentally. “I wish you, the unknown future, the very best. Sincerely, Rico.”

Moran concluded the letter, folded it up and placed it in the time capsule. Dr. Irene Kovala helped Moran put the initial soil on top. The rest of the ASG stood to pose for pictures and to cement this moment in GCC history.

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