Letter From the Editor-in-Chief

by Jessica Snyder

Dear Readers,

Upon telling people I was going to see “The Longest Ride,” negative comments flew freely.  “Unrealistic,” “corny,” and “bullshit” were just a few of the words used to describe Nicholas Sparks’ movies.

This got me thinking, what is it about today’s generation that makes the youth so cynical about love? Why do love stories instantly make them cringe?

To start, this new generation is in a constant state of moving forward. The world is a little more fast-paced than days past. The fact that love and relationships take time and effort does not fit in with the hurried pace of today.

The younger generation is also highly ambitious. Both men and women are focusing on landing a dream career and putting love on the back burner. Having to tend to someone else’s feelings while one is hard at work pursuing their own goals can be a huge distraction. Relationships are taking a back seat to career goals.

Young people today are embracing their freedom. It is most likely the first time they have been out on their own, doing whatever they want. Entering into a committed relationship means having to compromise those freedoms to be an equal partner to someone else. It seems the people today are less likely to give up that freedom then youth of days past.

Apps like Tinder make it easier for youngsters to shuck the long-term relationship in lieu of getting laid. Never has it been easier to hook up with someone, no strings attached. Instant gratification. When apps like this are created that cater to the busy lifestyle of today, there really isn’t a need to look for more.

If moviegoers are any indication of this growing universal thought to put off the whole love thing, “The Longest Ride” reflected it perfectly. The theater was about half full. There were three teenage girls, my teenage son, myself (mid 30’s) and everyone else was over the age of 50.

I think the kind of love Sparks’ paints in his movies is no longer relevant in today’s society; although I am personally a sucker for the love thing.

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