Created Equal Series comes to a close

by Julio Gonzales

Glendale Community College will be seeing the end of what was an educational and thought provoking film series. These films began showing here at GCC during the fall 2014 semester. “Created Equal” was a film series that was put together and organized by our fellow history department to be showcased here at the GCC Student Union.

The five part film series aimed to portray the timeline between the struggle for equal rights for slaves, and the fight to end discrimination. “Freedom Summer,” the fifth and final installment in the film series, will be presented on April 29 from 6:30 – 9:30 p.m. It will be showing in the SU-104D- SU104E on our GCC campus.

This installment will aim to visit the integration of African Americans into the voting system of the United States. Just as before, this will not only be available to students and faculty, but also any members of the community, so invitations are encouraged.

Apart from being treated to the showing of these films, people who attend have been encouraged to stick around after for an open discussion about the issues portrayed in the film. Topics discussed in the first few films ranged from new things attendees learned from watching them, as well as how the issue of discrimination and slavery has changed or evolved in today’s society. Attendees are encouraged to speak up and state their feelings regarding these depictions of the past. Some who have been in attendance for the first films have felt this type of discussion is good and healthy. “Although there were some atrocious things that happened in our history, it is important to revisit and acknowledge,” said Phoenix College student, Francisco Navarro, who was invited by a friend for the first installments. “By not remembering, we are acting like nothing ever happened and things have always been good and dandy” former GCC student, Luis Hurtado also said.

When asked what he liked most, Francisco Navarro mentioned the immediate discussion, which followed the film as one of the most exceptional parts. Discussion is one of the most powerful human tools available and seems only fitting it be something that is recognizably a good thing.

It is certain this intriguing discussion will once again commence once the fifth film is shown and anyone who is open for debate and discussion, is encouraged to attend.

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