Challenging religion and God’s existence

In the previous article, Jessica Snyder wrote a piece on religion and I’m going to follow that up with arguing against the idea of religion as a whole.

For many, “he” is most commonly to referred to as God. Around the globe, this higher power takes on many different names. Allah in Islam, in Judaism;Yahweh in Judaism and of course God in western christianity.

My entire childhood, I spent being raised catholic. I went to the monthly confessions,Sunday school, conformation,you name it I was there. What I started to realize as I got older and what ultimately led me away from religion was the fact that they basically recruited you.

Like me,there are many students who’s upbringing is the only means of  their religion. “ religion usually comes from their background, it’s how they grew up,” said Peter Lupu, A philosophy professor at GCC.

Whether it was a Jehovah’s Witness or a LDS missionaries knocking on my door mid-day trying to “spread the word of Jesus Christ” or Christians parading around my high school handing out little books of psalms. It all just seemed like they were trying to buy you over and that seemed wrong, especially when in the holy writing of most of these religions,greed is listed as a sin.

As is quoted in the bible, “For from the least to the greatest of them, everyone is greedy for unjust gain; and from prophet to priest, everyone deals falsely” Jeremiah 6:13.

That only began my veering away from religion, the next thing that I feel like everyone overlooks whether consciously or subconsciously is the idea that everyone has their chance at salvation and that God forgives.

It’s complete rubbish, these churches are telling their followers that their lives are of the same worth as say a convicted murder/rapist all because he decided to turn to religion and ask for forgiveness while he was on death row. There is something horribly wrong with that picture.

This isn’t an article trying to rip on religion or those who are religious because I know there are more emotional and passionate reasons for someone turning to religion.

“Religion provides a moral compass, it gives hope for an afterlife…it gives meaning to their lives,” said Professor Lupu. Further stating that “religion allows the compensation for the fact that man is fallible and finite.”

A friend of mine told me a quote he read in a Christopher Hitchens book titled,“God is Not Great”. in it Hitchens writes, “human decency is not derived from religion. It precedes it.”  There shouldn’t be books to telling people what is right and what is wrong, individuals should be able to make that decision on their own and likewise be made to suffer the consequences if they do something that deemed wrong not by a book by the active society that individual is part of.

As a 2012 global poll by the Gallup International Association showed, only 6o percent of Americans consider with that number constantly fluctuating over the years. After asking around on campus that number seemed to be in the ball park for college students as well. After surveying 20 people, nine of them said that they were not religious, giving me 55 percent for those who where religious.

But why this sudden lack of faith ? Professor Lupu attributes it to the fact that students don’t know why they don’t believe in God. Reasons he has been given in his classes include students having bad experience with religion and religious institutions. Some students think that religions are too judgmental,restrictive or critical. These may be sound justifications for some people but others are able to look past that and dig a littler deeper.

“There are very many gods, too many interpretations. If we are to methodologically find truth, free from cognitive biases, then religion is not the best answer,” said a sophomore at GCC.

“Religion has a very narrow concept of what constitutes proof,” said professor Lupu and I agree because it allows for religions to take things that may just have been happenstance and turn it into a divine event , with no proof except some “sensationalized” writing by someone long  before common sense was around.

That is why I choose not to believe in religion and many will disagree but there are much more arguments to be made for the non-existence of a “god” than for his/her existence. Just remember, “That which can be asserted without evidence, can be dismissed without evidence.”

3 Comments on “Challenging religion and God’s existence”

  1. How would Jehovah’s Witnesses “buy you over”?
    You can LITERALLY be one of Jehovah’s witnesses your entire life and NEVER contribute a dime in stark contrast to Mormons which must give 10% of their income to the Church.
    I would rewrite your article
    Thank You

    1. I understand where you are coming from and appreciate that insight. I didn’t mean buying someone over in a materialistic sense, it was more a sense of favoritism. It seemed like these individuals were competing for me to join them and that is the part I disagree with.

    2. David, who pays for the magazines? Does that count for a dime? Similarly, in a Letter to Congregations from March 2014, “congregations will now be asked to pool their resources worldwide to support the construction of theocratic facilities wherever they are needed… by resolving to make a monthly donation from congregation funds.”

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