Magic of Disney comes to campus

by Devon Henry

disney lalaThe wonderful world of Disney is coming to Glendale Community College, May 9 and 10. The Choirs of Glendale Community College will be performing “Relive the Magic,” a Disney-themed concert.

Professor Kevin Kriegel, who is in his eighth year of being the choir director at GCC, has been holding themed concerts at the end of every year since his arrival, usually themed, “Broadway,” but this year decide to go with the Disney theme instead.

“It allows for a very diverse concert. All types can be sung and performed. It also keeps the audience more engaged,” said Kriegel.

This themed concert is the final performance of the 2014-2015 school year and has been in the works for the past year and a half. Students say it is highly anticipated to be a show you do not want to miss. Kriegel will show off the four choral groups, Community Choir, Concert Choir, Chamber Singers, and Vocal Jazz.

GCC student, Savannah Frampton, is finishing up her fourth semester as a vocalist in the choirs with a show that she could not be more excited about.

“I just love Disney. I think it brings people together. It’s magic,” Frampton said.

Frampton says she loves the way that Kriegel has been developing the performance over the past year and a half and how it is coming together. “He wants to make this very professional, but super fun for the audience. I’m so excited because he’s making such an effort to make this a different kind of concert.”

Something unusual and unique for an average choir concert that will be featured in this show is that it is planned to be more of a show choir type of atmosphere. They will be changing from their usual formal attire to something a little more casual, and the vocalists will also wearing Mickey Ears during the performance.

Professor Kriegel himself is even a big Disney fan. “He loves Disney. He always starts us off by saying something magical every rehearsal. Even if it’s something as simple as like, ‘today is going to be a magical day,’” Frampton said.

Kriegel said that his inspiration to have a Disney themed concert came from his two nieces, who adore Disney, and even his accompanist Vicki Zemke. “I love the life messages and lessons that Mr. Walt Disney has incorporated into his movies, stories, and parks,” said Kriegel.

Not only will the concert have the four choirs performing separately, but there will also be multiple group pieces. All four choirs will occasionally all come together to perform a few songs. Along with those, all choirs will be performing at least three songs each.

“I love singing, I love performing, but it’s the relationships I make in choir that make it worth coming every day,” Frampton said.

The group urges parents to bring their kids along to the performance, as it is a theme that kids tend to find extremely fun. Kriegel says that he thinks the audience will fall in love with the songs, the staging, the color and the excitement of the performers.

The performances are free of admission and anyone can come catch a glimpse of the magic of Disney. The Concert begins at 7:30 p.m. on Saturday, May 9, and 3:00 p.m. on Sunday, May 10 in the GCC Performing Arts Center and will last approximately one hour and fifteen minutes.

If you want to get a glimpse of the magic, be sure to arrive early. Last year’s themed May concert received a packed house with no open seats and eventually could allow standing room.

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