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Welcome back, Gauchos! I’m excited to be the new editor-in chief of  The Voice. I hope everyone had a great summer and is off to a good start to this new school year. I know the first month of school can be pretty hectic as you adjust to a new schedule.

I just want to start the semester off by telling you a little about myself. This is one thing that really irritates me.

Here is a humorous take on what it’s like to have acne from Urbandictionary.com:

“Dermatologist: Okay, well since the Proactive, the deoxyzyfane and the other thing I can’t pronounce hasn’t worked for your acne for more than a month, I guess I’ll put you on something else…

Bobbie: Okay…

Dermatologist: It’s called Profynozylophate (Cough) Accutane (Cough)

Bobbie: Alright…

Dermatologist: Side effects are nothing, just you might contract conjunctivitis (Cough) or have your pores bleed, lose some hair, or in some rare causes might die since it nukes your face.

Bobbie: I didn’t hear anything you said

Dermatologist: Well it wasn’t important anyway so when can we get you on it?” written by UpperGreens.

I have struggled with acne for most of my life and this scenario could not be more accurate for me. My acne has progressively become worse, now following me into adulthood. I was always told my acne would go away once I hit my twenties, but  now I’m 21 and there aren’t any signs of it clearing up any time soon.

I’ve tried many different topical treatments to combat my acne and nothing really seems to work. It’s still very much there. The next step my dermatologist recommended I do is to take Accutane (just like in Bobbie’s case). To be honest, I really rather not take such a serious drug with all of these crazy, potential side effects. I may change my mind on taking Accutane, but for now, I have learned to accept that my skin is flawed and to deal with it the best way I know how—makeup!

I bring up this topic because I’ve been told by people to stop wearing makeup because not wearing makeup will surely clear up my acne. Um, that is not at all how it works when you have cystic acne. Wearing no makeup will not make it go away because the acne existed well before I started wearing makeup on a regular basis.

Whether people wear makeup or not to cover their severe acne, they will still receive cruel comments regarding it.

For myself (and most women), wearing makeup, is a confidence booster. It covers my acne to where I’m less self-conscious about it.

If you have severe acne, you are damned if you do choose to cover it up with makeup and damned if you don’t wear any.

If wearing makeup makes me vain, so be it.

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