Bikers Against Child Abuse presents stance on campus

Bikers Against Child Abuse (BACA) hosted an event October 1 in the Student Union that delineated domestic abuse through a presentation and an open Q&A forum.

“GCC is a great location for us because we are working tirelessly to let those who live in the West Valley know that we exist,” said Hoss, the Public Relations Officer for BACA’s Black Canyon Chapter.

The Maricopa Chapter specifically handles arrangements East of Central Ave. while the Black Canyon Chapter handles the Westside. Currently, BACA is in 46 states across the nation and have extended efforts outside of the US. The 501-C-3 tax exempt exists as both a physical and emotional backbone to children who have been impacted by domestic violence.

“BACA is able to do what local and state officials can’t,” said Hoss. “Our focus is empowering abused children so that they can be kids.”


Klutz (left) and Hoss (right) discuss BACA’s purpose in the Student Union.

Each member goes by a one-name basis that they have earned through extensive training and hands-on experience and behind each name is a story. Members of the community have a tale of what initially drew them to BACA. For Hoss, it was stumbling across a news article and frequenting the BACA functions that expanded his view. He realized, above all, that BACA was his calling.

Other responsibilities of a BACA member include but aren’t limited to transporting and accompanying children to and from court hearings and guarding a child’s house in case of a potentially threatening situation. They also have a therapy fund available to children who need it. BACA’s objective is strictly child-orientated, which includes getting to know the children one-on-one and becoming their extended family.

“While child abuse normally isn’t considered domestic violence, it is a lot of the time a side-effect of domestic violence,” said Klutz, the Child Liaison for the Black Canyon Chapter. As well as promoting the presentation with Hoss, Klutz handles the initial contact with children who have been affected by domestic violence. “We just want to get the word out to everybody about what we do and how we can help those kids.”

For more information about how to become a BACA member or to donate to the cause, visit

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