Claudia Martinez showcases talent beyond GCC borders

Some people paint from the brush; others paint from the heart. Glendale Community College student Claudia Martinez is one of those individuals that paint from the heart.

Martinez has been creating life from an acrylic world since 2004, but got her start experimenting with other crafts, such as ceramics and batik. While these were fine hobbies, they never sparked the artist within her. That is, until she discovered the “realistic yet magical” world of acrylics.

“I discovered while painting that I could capture two things that marvel me deeply: texture and detail,” said Martinez. “And that I could use these tools to weave my own stories.”

These stories that inspire Martinez’s art are elements found in Mother Nature. “I admire the beauty that nature achieves in minuscule details,” said Martinez of her muse. “Butterflies are the epitome of such beauty. As a kid, I grew up chasing these amazing creatures… I invite them to flutter in my imagination.”


One of Martinez’s favorite things to paint is butterflies.

Another thing that pushes Martinez to be her best is the instructors on campus, namely George Pearce. “I took all the initial levels of painting with art instructor Gregory Pearce, and later continued taking his studio art class until present,” said Martinez. “I have grown as a painter in his class, and I always find motivation on the work my classmates develop under his guidance.”

Martinez also puts together humanitarian efforts. Currently, Pierce and Martinez are working on an art project that will give recognition to Latinos living with Parkinson’s disease for the World Parkinson’s Congress in 2016.

Martinez’s recognition extends beyond the art room. She has entered her pieces in GCC’s “The Traveler” and received scores of first, second, and third place as well as honorable mentions. She was also awarded the Artists of Promise distinction twice and earned an honorable mention at the League of Innovation, a contest held within the community colleges for budding artists across the nation.

More recently, she has won a contest held by the annual Community Health Workers in California that will display her painting as their feature photo.

One of Martinez’s most valuable classes outside of GCC that has helped her achieve these goals is her studio art class on Mondays and Wednesdays. “Those painting hours give me fuel to keep my stories flowing on canvas,” said Martinez.


Martinez’s paintings presented on various display cases.

Aside from painting, Martinez enjoys dancing and learning new languages. The most current language she is trying to learn is Mandarin. But art will continue to be her favorite pastime for a long time.

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  1. I am very proud of Claudia’s accomplishments as an artist; I always knew art was in her soul and that some day she would unleash her imagination and create her own style to express with colors and shapes her passion for life and to tell stories that cannot be told with words on paper.
    The best is yet to come from Claudia.

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