Rocky Horror Picture Show returns to Glendale for fortieth anniversary

Broadway Bound and Gagged will be celebrating Rocky Horror Picture Show’s 40th anniversary with a live-action performance at the West Wind Glendale Drive-In on October 30.

“Over the years there have been movies to come out that people thought would be the next Rocky Horror but they could never de-throne the queen,” said Amy Pokhias, the show runner of the Glendale production of Rocky Horror. “Rocky Horror has always been the place where the outcasts can come be who they are.”

Rocky Horror Picture Show is a part-horror part-musical that shadows the story of Brad and Janet, a couple who find themselves stranded on a cold and stormy November night. While searching for reception, they stumble into a castle, where they meet strange bedfellows, including “Sweet Transvestite” Dr. Frank N. Furter and his equally eccentric house companions Riff Raff, his sister Magenta, and an aficionada named Columbia.

copy lips

These red lips have served as Rocky Horror’s logo for forty years strong.

This is Pokhias’ first time coordinating a live production, but she isn’t a stranger to the stage. In fact, it was her reoccurring roles in Clue, Hedwig, and the Angry Itch that drove her passion for the theatre. “When I decided to come back in 2013 I was viewed as a cast vet who had been around the block, which put me as the number one pick for a cast leader successor a year later,” said Pokhias.

Along with the live production of the musical, there will be a costume contest and a preshow number. The preshow number takes outside songs and relates them back to Rocky. “Preshow numbers is when we make a story out of non-Rocky songs and tie them into Rocky in some way,” said Pokhias. “It gives us a chance to show our creativity.”

Most showings average around 70 to 90 viewers, but Pokhias’ goal this year is to raise those numbers. Of that number include a fair amount of GCC students, who have nothing but good things about the showings. Madison Hartwig is one of those students. “It’s a lot of fun,” said Hartwig who has been an attendee since the middle of July. “It’s different every time you go, even if it’s the same show.”

Pokhias can attest to this statement. “Seeing Rocky Horror in a theater with a live cast is an experience,” said Pokhias.

Visit for more information on upcoming events and follow the Rocky Horror Podcast Show on Soundcloud and iTunes for the full experience.

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  1. Thank you so much for writing the piece! I appreciate you helping us elevate the Rocky Horror community and expose new people to this institution.

    I would like to clarify that this is a shadow cast performance in front of a screening of the movie and not a live production of the musical itself. Broadway Bound and Gagged also regularly performs every second and last Saturday at AMC Deer Valley 30. Our website is The one in the article is no longer active.

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