Reporter offers insight on how to ace interviews

Interviews are one of the many daunting things about adulthood. Whether it’s for a job, a loan, an audition, or even a short survey for class, interviews are an inevitable part of everyday life.

In order to pass an interview, one must understand how the process works. Here are a few simple steps that will help most anyone in any type of interview situation:

  1. Preparation

Take time to think about the type of questions that are going to be asked. A great piece of advice I learned from my high school theatre class is to become well-acquainted with mirrors. Practicing in front of a mirror helps you gain a better understanding of how other people see you. With enough rehearsal, this can correct minor idiosyncrasies in posture, speech, and can even build confidence.

If it’s a telephone interview, record your voice. (I know, I cringed too.) Test out how you sound to other people. While there is no “right” way to sound, there’s always a wrong way to come off.

  1. Communication

In a generation with iPhones and thousands of do-it-for-me apps, communication is a rarity. Talking may be optional on your own time, but it’s required for any formal interview. Another thing to be aware of is that sometimes the things you don’t say are the most powerful. Oftentimes, communication comes from simple body language. Again, correcting things like posture can mean getting a job or a rejection letter.

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GCC student displays confidence and good communication skills.

  1. Over-Analyzation

I know you’re doing it. Don’t overthink it. The things that humans tend to fear most aren’t meant to be feared. A little anxiety is good. It’s when that anxiety turns into a sore throat that you have to take a step back. Getting sick over anything isn’t worth it. Besides, how can you work or go to school when you’re bedridden?

These are just a few ways to tackle interviews, but they aren’t guaranteed to bring success. Sometimes, even following these steps, it doesn’t happen and that’s okay. The only way to guarantee any sort of success is through failure. Gaining experience, both good and bad, is part of adult life, and will make for a stronger resume.

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