State Senator Kelli Ward speaks to the GCC community

Arizona State Senator Kelli Ward visited Glendale Community College as a guest speaker for the Young Americans for Liberty club Oct. 28 at 5 p.m. in the Student Union, room 104.

Their club meeting was open to the public and had free pizza and soda for the people that attended the meeting. After Ward gave her speech, there was a session of questions and answers to the public.

When the state senator arrived, she quickly proceeded with her speech starting off with her life, how she became a state senator and even shared some of her personal life experiences and accomplishments.

“Just because I got elected to the Arizona State Senate, I don’t’ know everything, I think there are a lot of people that get elected and suddenly they think they are experts in every single thing that comes before us,” Ward said.

The senator was careful not to extend her speech and gave most of her time to answer the questions that the public had. Some of the topics that where brought up in the questions are Obama Care, the deficit in America, registration for voting, free community colleges, unemployment.

“Well, one of the reasons I ran for office was to fight against Obama care. I think that Obamacare, I don’t just think, I know that Obama Care is the biggest takeover of health care liberty and freedom that you’ll ever see in our lifetime,” Ward said.

According to Ward, she believes that Obama Care tells the people what they need and what they can have when it comes to health care. Rather than the people telling the government what they need in their health care. “The Iran deal is possibly the worst thing that has been done in recent history,” Ward said. According to the senator, the government should have treated that deal like a treaty because Israel is our ally, she was definitely against the deal.

Nevertheless, one of the questions that where asked by the president of the Young Americans for Liberty club, Kaleb Anderson, was about the interest of the veterans.

“I agreed with her, that we need a senator who’d vote in the best interest of our veterans and would consistently remain anti-war in their decisions,” Anderson said.



3 Comments on “State Senator Kelli Ward speaks to the GCC community”

  1. This story has a few inaccuracies. The major problem is that I stated that ISRAEL is our ally (not Iran). Also, the reason I came to speak was not to discuss libertarianism. I do not discuss libertarianism as I am a Republican. I came to campus to discuss my U.S. Senate race as well as discuss any questions that the attendees might have about the Arizona Legislature.

    1. Kelli Ward I do apologize for the mistake my intentions was not to misquote you nor take an opposition with you’re speech. The problem has been fixed online.

  2. I was at this meeting and I do not recall her saying Israel is an ally, I recall the girl asking the question saying Israel is an ally, but Ward absolutely did NOT call them an ally in her reply. Actually, she never even uttered the word Israel the entire time she was speaking.

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