Artist Ana Thiel inspires GCC with creativity lecture

Visiting artist Ana Thiel gave a presentation in the GCC Student Union Nov. 9 about finding creativity in the simple things in life.

“Creativity can have many ways of being defined, but I think it’s to bring something into being that wasn’t there before,” said Thiel.

Thiel has been a well-renowned craftsperson for years. Glass, her favorite medium to work with, is a materiel that can be concentrated into liquid and has made for some of the most attractive displays, whether they’re for an art commission, a display, or personal fulfillment.

“I always have loved to make things with my hands. I studied Industrial Design but it my first contact with glass was in 1980, so ever since then I have worked with that material as my main sculptural medium.”


WhichIsTheGoodOne online

One of Thiel’s pieces entitled “Which Is The Good One?”


Thiel’s work was seen on the picture-to-picture slideshow during the presentation, as well as her respective muses. Her inspiration comes in some of the simplest forms. For example, one might not even think twice about the thin glaze of coffee at the bottom of a mug.


“There’s many sources of inspiration,” said Thiel. “There’s travel, walking, taking a look, seeing inspiration actually is all around.”

Thiel has traveled as part of her profession for years, so it’s difficult to say which has been her favorite, but one of the most awe-inspiring places she’s been to is located in Northern Sweden outside of the Polar Circle. Among her favorite attractions are the midnight sun, the blooming flowers, and the clean water. “There was just such beautiful nature there,” said Thiel.

One of the attending members, GCC student Natalie Urquiza, had nothing but good things to say of Thiel’s lecture. “I really enjoyed her presentation. Knowing that she had to go through some obstacles really showed in her artwork, which made [the artwork] so amazing.”

Develando-Unveiling online

Another one of Thiel’s pieces entitled “Develando Unveiling.”

Thiel went on to say that it’s the act of trial and error that inspires creativity with any medium. “There is fear in creativity because if you are creating something new, it’s something that didn’t exist before,” said Thiel. “Experiment, go for it, dare.”

For more information or to view more of Thiel’s artwork, visit

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