Professional cuddling makes for perfect gift this holiday season

With the holidays rapidly approaching, many ponder what to get their loved ones. What if, for just under a hundred dollars, said loved ones can receive the best gift without the excursion of going out and getting something?

Professional Cuddlers is a service provided under various pseudonyms, including Snuggle Buddies and Cuddle Up To Me, to name a couple, the service being— you guessed it—cuddling.

The first launch into the world of professional cuddling began in Japan roughly a few years ago. Cuddle Café is a place where strangers can cuddle up with what describes as a “beautiful” girl for as low as 3,000 yen ($24).

Soon, the business thrived, and, like all good ideas, it was stolen, renamed, and made for profit by the United States.

Unfortunately, inflation was also a contributing factor. In Japan, Cuddle Café charges by the minute, whereas independent cuddlers in the US charge by the hour. “Cuddlers” in the US typically have a standardized fee of $80 an hour (with the exceptions of a few states that charge $60), according to

This may sound ridiculous; however, the difference between some companies is wear-and-tear on your car or someone else’s car.

For example, Cuddle Up To Me is an appointment-based company with an independent shop in Portland. Snuggle Buddies, on the other hand, is an international organization that allows their employees of all states an incall or outcall option, meaning they can either come to their client, or vice versus.


People across the nation use professional cuddling services.

   This service is perfect for this time of year due to the stress that comes along with the holidays, namely Christmas and Thanksgiving. According to, although the rate of suicide mounts in the springtime, depression is a common denominator among the general population during the holiday season.

Growing up with friends and family who have and continue to struggle with depression, some days can mean going through the motions while others mean having the motions go through you. Professional Cuddling a great idea for those who are unable to ask for help or simply need extra love.

All appointments require a minimum 24-hour notice, so visit to book a session or learn how to become a cuddler.

While it may seem weird or uncomfortable, this service has reportedly helped many people across the country. Taking advantage of this service might mean the difference between having someone around for the holidays and having their face in a frame on the mantle.

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  1. I want to make sure folks know the truth about Snuggle Buddies. This company also runs a foot fetish website and does not offer their “Pro cuddlers” the training they claim to provide. The owner of this company, in my humble opinion, is clearly lacking the ethics it requires to keep people safe and comfortable. His turn over rate will help prove that. He does this in a dangerous way, and if you are a client, rest assured that you are paying for something that is in no way a trained profession.

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