SPARK! aims to ignite passion among dancers, audience

VERVE Dance, GCC’s student dance company, is hosting GCC’s fall dance concert December 4 through 6th in the Performing Arts Center to showcase three months of student achievements.

“SPARK! features many senior capstone projects, five in all—each unique and showcasing the personality and creativity of the individual student,” said Rebecca Rabideau, the Artistic Director of VERVE and the Dance Program Director at GCC.

The story behind the title can be seen in the promotional posters, which feature various students dancing around firework, prompting the idea that each individual, namely the dancers, have their own “spark”.

“Each dance is a journey into the world of the choreographer and an exploration of the ideas that compel them to create through dance,” said Rabideau.


One of the promotional posters for SPARK! featuring dancer Sydney Christensen.

Another way SPARK! differs from other dance concerts is the way VERVE has the students interact and learn the choreography from other instructors before the big number. Katie Beechler, one of the students involved in the project, explained that VERVE uses the latest technology to enhance the learning experience.

“VERVE worked with one choreographer, Andy Noble, in Texas via Skype,” said Beechler. “We work together every day for months and I always want to find more ways to connect and deepen our trust as a company.”

According to the students, SPARK! embodies more than the individual dancer or the grade. It’s about a class of students coming together and putting on a show that ignites the “spark” in everyone involved.

“As a dancer and a performer, it can be easy to forget why you’re there. But when you get on that stage, every drop of sweat, every long day, all the stress, it’s all worth it,” said Saren Coughlin, another student dancer involved with VERVE’s live performance. “It’s about being a part of something that’s much bigger than just you… that’s what you crave and look forward to as a dancer.”

The concert is free and open to the masses, but the house in the Performing Arts Center is always full, according to Rabideau. Follow GCC’s news page for updates and more information.

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