Finding new strategies to study for a test

Lynn Mizzi Brysacz, a faculty member for the counseling department, is hosting a workshop for all people that want to better their test taking skills. The workshop will be in the Business building in room B-202 on Dec. 2 from1 p.m. to 2 p.m.

According to Bysacz, she has a passion for working with people and in her years she has developed expertise in management, spirituality, career development and college success. “If I can be of any service, please stop by, call, or schedule an appointment,” Brysacz said.

For some students, it is very difficult to take a test and score a high grade. The most important thing to remember in taking a test is to study. Although for some students, studying, their own way may not always help. There is a lot of strategies that can be learn to better the way students study.

“I think it’s great that they are doing this workshop for students because I feel there might be a lot of students, like me, that need help with studying for a test, “Angela Adams said. Adams is a student majoring in photography, and will be attending the workshop.

Not only is Adams having problems with studying for a test, many other people have problems preparing for a test. The struggle some students might have, when it comes to taking test, is that they tend to always forget everything they studied. The biggest struggle is that some students might be those people that forgets some things.

Every person is different, we all have different thoughts, and the way we process things in our mind is different than others. Nevertheless, while in college, take advantage of tutoring classes that help students better their studying. They teach new strategies that would personally would help any student, and trigger their brain to remember better.

Any student that has any problems with testing, should attend to this workshop. Do not let an opportunity like this one pass by because it can distinguish a letter grade and a math test can go from a B to an A. For any more information email

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