Trained CPAs hold presentation for aspiring accountants

The Arizona Society of Certified Public Accountants (CPA’s) sponsored a presentation about exploring careers and opportunities in the field of accounting and shared their personal experience. This event was held in GCC in the Business building room B-203 on Nov. 6 from 12 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. Two of the new accountants, Diana Costa and Jon Blazak where there to answer the questions that any of the guest had.

A representative of the Arizona Society of Certified Public Accountants gave a quick speech about the basics of accounting, the requirements to become a CPA, how to pass the exam to become a CPA, the pros and cons to being a CPA. And even personal experiences from Costa and Blazak after the introduction.

“It’s hard to love the CPA exam, because it can be complicated and also expensive, but well compensated after you have you’re CPA,” Costa said. According to the accountant’s, to become a CPA there are several steps. The first step is to complete a bachelors in Accounting, the next step is to study for the exam, and then pay to take a four part exam.

“It is the worst experience you’ll ever go through, I would rather lose a limb than taking the exam again,” Blazak said. According to Costa, most of accounting is critical thinking and being able to understand concepts, it is not really just about math. “I think communications skills are huge, because as a CPA’s you’re often times you’re meeting new clients,” Costa said.

According to Blazak, as a CPA verbal communications are key, “You’re talking to CEOs, CFOs, presidents, and vice-presidents, you will definitely fail or succeed based on your verbal and written communications skills,” Blazak said. Nevertheless, as Costa and Blazak say is well compensated after CPA exam.

“I travel a fair amount, so that’s a nice part of my job. I been to different cities Toronto, New York, Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco,” Blazak said. According to the accountants, both of them agreed that one advantage of being a CPA is that the schedule of an accountant sometimes can be more flexible than other jobs. “If I don’t have any clients to meet or can’t meet with a client, sometimes I can just work from home. I seat with my laptop and talk to client via email,” Costa said.

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