Proposal for cell tower may strengthten coverage at north campus

A new proposal to add a cell tower to the Glendale Community College North Campus soon might help to improve service for the area.

The North campus, which is located at 5727 W. Happy Valley Road in Glendale, is located just north of The Thunderbird Conservation Park and is close to several North Valley mountain ranges.

This location, although providing quiet, scenic views to its student body can also provide occasionally very spotty cell phone coverage due to the campus and the surrounding neighborhoods isolation from the metropolitan Phoenix area.

The proposed tower is currently in a preplanning phase as of this article, according to Tressa Jumps, the Director of Marketing and Communication for GCC. “We’ve talked about the idea and talked briefly with a cell tower company about it. There’s so much more work that would need to be done,” Jumps says, regarding the current status of the tower project, which she admits is still in the “put some ideas to paper” phase. Jumps said, “Most likely, it would be located on a far corner of our property at North; that’s still to be determined though.”

The idea is being met with mostly optimism and enthusiasm from students at the North campus, who regularly have to deal with less than desirable cell phone coverage. “It’s awful! I was trying to text my mom, to let her know that I was here, and it wouldn’t go through,” said Kylee Piper, a North campus student who said she regularly needs to step outside to send a text message.

Although the response is mostly positive, there are some worried the towers might detract from natural aesthetic appearance of the mountain property.

Daehwan Kim, another student says he would not be objected to a tower being added to the outskirts of the property as long as efforts were made to “harmonize the tower with the campus.” Kim says he has a hard time believing that the administration wouldn’t take steps to ensure that the proposed tower would blend in with current appearance of the campus.

If plans for the tower move forward, Jumps says that the a public forum would be held to gather opinions from the surrounding community, but that more information would be need first regard the tower’s size, range and location.

Jumps assures that no decision will be made without the surrounding neighborhoods approval, and says “Our main priority is to serve our surrounding community and if our neighbors didn’t want a tower, we would not pursue the idea.”

There is currently no timetable available for this project.

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