Stand Up for Veterans event brings support to military service members

The third annual Stand Up For Veterans event was held on the main campus on Sept. 26.

The event, which is put on through a partnership between the City of Glendale’s Mayor’s Office and Glendale Community College’s Veteran Services Center, served close to 400 veterans and military spouses with a variety of services ranging from a career fair to legal counsel to even free haircuts.

The full day event saw both the Student Union Building and Testing Center transformed into what Mayor Jerry Weiers described as a “one-stop shop” to provide a welcoming environment for veterans to obtain a range of services.

The event’s career fair hosted 44 commercial and state employers, as well as 55 various veterans’ services organizations, as well as four presiding judges and 11 attorneys to provide assistance with legal matters. Also present were 15 representatives of the Arizona Department of Transportation, who came equipped with cameras and credentialing equipment to produce new driver’s licenses and state IDs.

“You know, some people aren’t looking for work. There are some people that having speeding tickets, they want to get those quashed. There is people that want to get there driver’s license back,” said Weiers. “There’s just a lot of different pieces to the puzzle. Not every vet needs everything.”

Professional referrals for counseling and medical treatment were also made available for those veterans suffering from the long term effects of conditions like traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Chris Spicer, of GCC’s Veterans Services Center stressed the importance of dealing with all issues veterans of conflict may have to endure.

“Post-traumatic stress, TBI, there’s all kinds of other circumstances that can make a veteran go off and do something crazy. We try to make the difference to get them back on track. Get the attention they need and the help and have them become a whole and complete individual again. To be able to vote, to drive, to work again and to tell them, ‘We understand. We care.’ That’s what we’re about today,” said Spicer.

Other complimentary services offered on site, such as a fully catered lunch and haircuts from a professional salon, served as an appreciation for service members and their families.


Chris Spicer of the GCC Veterans Services Center, was one of many veterans to receives a free haircut from stylist Rolf Lohse on Sept. 26.

Rolf Lohse, a renowned hair stylist and the founder of Arizona based Rolfs Salon was on location, personally giving haircuts to veterans along with some of his salon’s other stylists. Francis Tesmer, the business president of Rolfs Salon, said that giving back is at the heart Rolfs, and that the company regularly seeks out charity events like this one, as a means of giving back to the community.

“We believe in intelligent beauty, versus shallow beauty. We believe that true beauty is giving back and making other people feel and look better and have a better life. So, we take social responsibility for our community. It’s not a business. It’s more than that for us,” said Tesmer.

Spicer hopes to see other schools and communities put on similar events in the future so that more veterans can be given the help they may need.

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