Letter from the Editor-in-Chief

By Ingrid Sanora

Dear Readers,

It’s that time of year again… Halloween! That means it’s time to pick out a costume to wear to a friend’s Halloween party or go trick-or-treating, if that’s still your thing (cool, no judgment).

The process of choosing a costume to wear should be fun and your choice of costume should be something you like and know you’ll have a great time wearing it. However, the costume you choose should not be offensive. Here’s what I mean.

Recently, I’ve seen many articles on my Facebook feed regarding how racially offensive costumes this year (and of course, year’s past) are. Seriously, how is this still a thing?

Well, I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised because I mean we still have racial slurs as names of football teams (*cough, cough* Washington Redskins *cough*).

Costumes, particularly Native American costumes are considered “classic” come Halloween. They are the most popular racially offensive costumes and have been for years.

By just doing a quick search for these kinds of costumes, I came across multiple ones from the popular Halloween store, Spirit Halloween, called “Pow Wow Wow” for an adult woman, “Warrior Chief” for men and “Running Bull” for a child’s costume. These costumes degrade a group of people by adhering to the stereotypes by “…[reducing] a group of people to one-dimensional characters,” Theresa Avila said in a Mic.com article. Not to mention, the beads and other different items that are on powwow dresses, mean something sacred in that particular culture. We are disrespecting them and their beliefs when these costumes are worn.

Regardless of how long these types of costumes have existed, we shouldn’t be wearing them just because that’s what we’ve always done (what an awful expression when trying to make a point?). It’s insulting an entire culture, for crying out loud!

I don’t think most people intend to offend others, but there needs to be a little more thought to costumes, other than “how cute/hot/funny do I look in this costume?”

I hope I’ve captured your attention at least a little on this topic. Have a safe, happy Halloween and remember, please don’t be that person with racially offensive Halloween costume.

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