Academic deans to share responsibilities for GCC North

New changes implemented at the start of October to the dean’s position on the Glendale Community College North Campus hopes to turn a financial setback into an opportunity for growth. Chuck Jeffery, the Dean of Academic Affairs at the North Campus for the last six years, will be leaving his position for a new role on the main campus.

This new restructuring is the creation of the head of the Department of Academic Affairs, Vice President Janet Langley, who hopes this rotational system will provide the North Campus with a wide array of knowledge and expertise.

The decision, is motivated by a lack of funding needed in the budget to provide a dedicated, full-time dean to the North Campus.

“We don’t have the funding in order to have a full dean at North and be able to provide all the necessary guidance and supervision required at Main. So, what we did is, we took that position and moved that person (Jeffery) over to the Main Campus and then divvied up the responsibilities of North,” Langley said.

Rather than do away with the position entirely, a rotational schedule of the department’s four Main Campus deans, which now includes Jeffery, will be implemented to fill the void.

Jeffery feels the added communication and shared commitments that will come from this new system will lead to a stronger leadership overall. “I’ve been up there six years. I lose a little bit of touch with what’s been going on at the main campus. And the other deans, they don’t get as much experience with GCC North. By having a rotational program like this, where they go up for a period of time and come back, we all talk about our experiences up there and those deans are cross trained, so they can better support the campus,” Jeffery said.

According to Vice President Langley, the eventual plan will lead to more balanced redistributing of roles and assignments between the existing deans, in hopes of equipping every dean with the skills needed to perform a variety of roles.

“We’ve switched it up a bit. So now there’s not one dean solely responsible for all the academic or one dean solely responsible for all the services. If there’s ever a situation to where we’re missing somebody, somebody that’s already there can just pick-up and go with whatever issue is occurring” Langley said.

Dean Jeffery feels that in a today’s fast-paced world, having deans that are trained in a vast range of disciplines provides the best learning experiences for both campus’ diverse student body needs.

“The world’s become a lot more complicated in the last few years, in terms of what we expect to offer students, in terms of things that will help them with their success,” Jeffery said.

Vice President Langley is confident that going forward both campus of GCC will continue to add value to the education that they provide to their students.

“One of our primary goals is to make sure that the needs of the students are met and to make sure that we provide a quality learning environment. That doesn’t change, regardless of the reporting structure. That’s always been our primary goal and that will continue to be our goal,” Langley said.

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