Many potential opportunities offered at job fair

Photo by GCC
Photo by GCC


By Jourdan Shiffer

Glendale Community College’s annual job fair, being held on Wednesday, Oct. 7 in the Student Union Conference Center, provides students employment opportunities with companies that will benefit them in the future.

The campus job fair is an event GCC holds on campus, where recruiters are brought to the college campus for students to take advantage of their job openings. There are opportunities with over 40 different companies. The opportunities range from office jobs to jobs with an Arizona agency or jobs with FedEx or the Phoenix Suns. Students have the option to choose what job fits their lifestyle and which job will help them get ahead for their future career.

At the job fair, companies see hundreds of students in one day applying for their job positions. Approximately 700 students and community members attended the job fair last year. Due to the fact that the companies are seeing so many potential employers in one day, the company may not hire you due to a poor first impression. A positive first impression could be the reason a company picks you for their new job position.

Companies notice when a student dresses professionally. “The number one complaint we get is the employers feel that our students don’t dress well. Even though we mark it heavily on campus, students still come in dressed inappropriately,” Laura Hinau, the Coordinator for Career Services, said. Depending on the company, they tend to not hire students based on their attire and appearance. “It’s hard when you’re a student because you want to be comfortable when you come to school and sit in class. However, I always say for the one day it really makes sense and it is in your best interest to dress up,” Scott Schulz, Dean of Academic Affairs, said.

All students, whether they have work experience or not, have an equal chance at getting a job. The companies that attend the job fair are hiring and need people to fill their open job positions. Students are even given the option to work in their field of interest.

Students have the chance to work for companies that give them the experience they need for their future career. “If it’s really a passion of yours and maybe you don’t have the qualifications for it but there’s a chance to do an internship for the company to get that experience, that’s what it’s all about,” Schulz said.

Schulz and Hinau’s main points to properly prepare for the job fair are students should have their resume prepared, research the companies and the positions they are interested in, ask questions and follow up with the employer.

Schulz could not emphasize enough how important it is to follow up with the employer after applying. “You need to follow up with the employer after the job fair and that doesn’t mean weeks later, it means that night or the next day. I think students think well I gave them my resume so now it’s in their hands,” he said. If you follow up with the employer, it shows your interest in wanting to be the company’s future employee.

If students’ schedules are booked and they have no time to attend the job fair but are looking for employment, they can still look for job opportunities on campus. “If students can’t attend the job fair, I would say they need to really look to see what Career Services is doing as far as other recruitment opportunities. We have employers that will table in the Student Union across from the coffee bar. Also we have lots of job postings so if students are just coming into our lobby and seeing what we are doing they will understand that there are plenty of opportunities for them to apply to,” Hinau said.

The campus job fair is known as an easy way for students to find employment with beneficial companies that will aid their future success. For more information, call Laura Hinau at 623-845-3286 or e-mail at

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