GCC hosts Big Band Concert in October

By Michael Nguyen

Glendale Community College is hosting Big Band Concert this year on Monday, Oct 19, at their main campus from 7:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. at the Performing Arts Center building.

Be prepared for yet an excitement of music, but also a change in experiencing live music which is focused on Jazz. The concert is free to the public.

Dave Schmidt, Jazz Director, Audio Production Technologies Program Director is hosting this years, Big Band Concert. “There will be two 17 piece big bands performing,” Schmidt said. Await the passion of experiencing live music of Jazz. The two 17 piece big bands will play a mixture of classical music and present writers of today.

Jazz is primarily focused on rhythm and feel, with a little spark of blues. People often even say that jazz is a blend of African and European music. That is also where jazz musical harmony is involved, including their instrument that is used in jazz, where it started from.

An interesting fact from gccaz.edu about Jazz big band is “GCC Big Band has had the honor of finishing first at the nationally recognized Fullerton Jazz Festival in California.”

The bands that are performing has a massive dedication for the genre of jazz and a huge amount of love for the music they play. “The band are always awesome and this year will be the same,” Schmidt said.

Although the big band of jazz is spectacular, one can make it phenomenal by auditioning to being in the band. For more information, please visit gccaz.edu to get started and training.

“The audition materials are on the website in Performing Arts>Music>Jazz,” Schmidt said. Contact info for Dave Schmidt will be right below.

Furthermore, looking forward to seeing those there and enjoying the free live music and experiencing the thrill of jazz once more. Spread the love and invite those who have the passion for music, especially for jazz.

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