Dave & Buster’s opening at Westgate in November

By Mary Greenwood

Westgate Entertainment District’s newest attraction, Dave & Busters, will be opening this November.

Construction on this building began in February. The new addition is being constructed west of AMC Theatres and will join AMC as anchor tenants. Butler Design Group of Phoenix and Linear! of Dallas are the architects assigned to this project.

This will be the third Dave & Buster’s built in Arizona. The others are located in Tempe and Phoenix. The first Dave & Buster’s was built in Dallas in 1982. The idea for a restaurant\arcade from two business owners named Dave and Buster’s. Dave owned a restaurant and across the street, Buster owned an arcade. The men noticed that people constantly were going back and forth between the establishments and began brainstorming ways to take their establishments to the next level. Together they came up with an idea for a combination of the two. Thus, Dave & Buster’s was born.

Today, Dave & Buster’s is the place to go eat great food, drink a variety of beverages and play a wide assortment of games that no other arcade has.

Many Glendale residents and GCC students are excited for the grand opening of the new Dave & Buster’s. “I am mostly excited about the opening of the Dave & Buster’s at Westgate because its closer. I’m also excited for all the new games that they might not have at the other locations,” Mya Petty, a GCC student, said.

According to their website, Dave & Busters has added over 1,500 positions in the past three years and plans to add 2,500 more by the end of this year. The Dave & Buster’s opening in Westgate has already begun hiring staff.

Westgate opened in November 2006 known as “Westgate City Center”. However, in 2011, the properties foreclosed and reverted to lenders. In 2012, iStar Financial purchased the properties and began transforming it into the “premier entertainment destination” it is now. The entertainment district re-opened as the “Westgate Entertainment District”. Westgate is now home to over 30 restaurants and stores such as Buffalo Wild Wings, As You Wish Pottery and Which Wich. It also home to Jobing.Com Arena, University of Phoenix Stadium and the Renaissance Hotel. Westgate hosts countless events per month ranging from concerts to art shows.

Dave & Buster’s will be the latest addition to Westgate since the Tanger outlets were brought there in 2012 and renovated in 2014. iStar Financial, is optimistic that this opening will help Westgate’s transition into the future. In an interview with Westgate media relations, David Sotolov, senior vice president of iStar Financial, voiced his opinion of the new building.

“Dave & Buster’s is a transformative leap forward in our entertainment tenant mix, and builds upon our earlier successes including bringing Tanger Outlets to Westgate in 2012 as well as Tanger’s expansion in 2014,” said Sotolov.

Westgate is constantly being improved and remodeled. For updates and news about the Dave & Buster’s opening, visit  www.westgateaz.com.

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