GCC offers relationship advice through on-campus workshop

By Amanda Jefferys

One in five college women will experience violence in a relationship, according to an article by Loyola University Chicago. Having healthy relationships while also having the workload from school can be tough to balance for almost any student.

A relationship workshop, “Relationships vs. Fairy Tales” will be happening on campus that may help students find that perfect balance. It plans to cover all types of relationships, not just romantic. It is designed that before a person attends, they are encouraged to take two assessments. One is a personality and the other is a love languages assessment.

The workshop will take place on Nov. 17 at 2:00 p.m. in room B-202 at the Glendale Community College Main campus and everyone is welcome to attend. The workshop will be an hour long.

“This is the time where people are exploring new relationships, but some people may be in long term relationships. Either way, learning to navigate them will overall make you a happier and healthier person, and when you are happier and healthier you can focus more on school,” explained Lindra Fishleder, the facilitator of the Relationship vs. Fairy Tales workshop.

This workshop has been offered for quite some time. The Counseling Department figured it was a great topic that students can relate to. All of the facilitators of these workshops are the career counselors in the Counseling Department on campus.

The turnout of these workshops has been very successful in the past with an average number of attendees ranging from 12 to 25 people.

If staff or students are unable to attend these workshops, they can still meet with the facilitator of the workshops they wanted to attend by making an appointment with them at the Counseling Department.

By attending this workshop, students can gain new skills and strategies of how to have a better understanding and communications in a relationship with others such as their co-workers, partner, or family members. It is about relationships in all aspects and learning the role you play and how to apply it.

“Coming from my personal experience and a alumni of Glendale Community College, I want to say it was hard balancing a healthy relationship. You can easily get sucked into work, and school. It’s all about prioritizing and organizing your thoughts, and even if there are sacrifices to be made, you try to choose the ones that makes most sense to you. Sometimes you have to be a little selfish but in the end you will be grateful when you complete your goal,” said Marlene Barrera, the coordinator of the workshop.

Anyone who is interested in attending this event is asked to RSVP to marlene.barrera@gccaz.edu and take the two assessments that can be found on 5lovelanguages.com and humanmetrics.com and bring the results to the workshop.

Through the course of this workshop, students and staff can get to know themselves better and factor that into relationships with others. Also learn the signs of healthy and unhealthy relationships, and keys to communicating.

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