Pumpkin Madness

Photo by Chelsea Johnson
Photo by Chelsea Johnson


By Chelsea Johnson

My favorite seasonal trend is back and thriving. That’s right, it’s the return of pumpkin madness. Sept. 23 may have marked the beginning of fall. But if you’ve taken a stroll in your local grocery store, you would have seen that all things fall related, notably all of the pumpkin products made its debut in stores well before the beginning of fall. 

My goal each pumpkin season is to essentially try the ever changing spectrum of pumpkin products and in turn, compare and contrast the difference of pumpkin flavoring. The spectrum of pumpkin products I’ve come across have extended beyond your typical Febreeze outlet freshener and candles.

Here are a few examples of my personal pumpkin favorites: Pumpkin beer, pumpkin yogurt, pumpkin donuts and muffins (Head to Dunkin Donuts! You won’t regret it) and Pumpkin Frappes.

According to the article, “5 Things to Know About Your Pumpkin Obsession,” the obsession over pumpkin products stems from scarcity. Scarcity naturally dictates more demand and popularity.  Pumpkin is associated with fall, so in turn, it becomes the staple flavor of the fall season.

“Fall has also become a trigger for pumpkin spice. People think about going pumpkin picking, and so when the season comes around, they’re immediately reminded of the flavor and want to try it,” says Wharton School marketing Professor, Jonah Berger.

Whether you’re a proud pumpkin lover like myself, or just slightly curious about entering the pumpkin madness territory—it’s clear that it’s seasonal trend that’s bound to stick around. It’ll find a way into your kitchen or beverages. So please, embrace Pumpkin Madness!

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