GCC president gives updates at alumni meet and greet event

by Shelley Handley

Even though Glendale Community College turned 50 this past year, it is still in its heyday said college president Dr. Kovala at the recent Alumni event.
On Monday, Oct. 26, 5 p.m. in the Student Union building in room 104E Kovala spoke about quality staff, recent celebrations and campus update plans.
Dr. Phil Randolph has served GCC for over 35 years. He has served the campus in various roles: instructor; president; community partner; and innovator.
Specifically, Randolph has been instrumental in developing a signature automotive program: General Motors Automotive Student Educational Program (GM ASEP); Ford Automotive Student Service Educational Training (ASSET); and Fiat-Chrysler MOPAR College Automotive Program (CAP). The Automotive Technology program offers students training for four degrees, Associate in Applied Science in Automotive Technology (AAS), and three degree-certificates, Certificate of Completion (CCL).
Thus, it isn’t any surprise that the new 40,000 square feet automotive building, replacing the Technology 3 complex, is named the Dr. Phillip D. Randolph Automotive Technology Center (ATC). The building’s grand opening will take place at the beginning of the Spring semester.
“Everyone must come help us celebrate at nine in the morning on Jan. 30,” Kovala said.
Homecoming was a fun and successful event Kovala reported.
“There were food trucks, tailgating and Centennial High School’s marching band. All the players of the Gauchos 2005 National Football Champions attended which made the event extra exciting,” Kovala said.
Plans were shown for new renovations on the Veteran’s Center and Technology 2 Building. Additionally, GCC has plans to add Solar panels to help campus efficiency. The money comes from previous existing grant money set aside to help all 10 colleges make building improvements.
Bill Teske, original founding student and 1967 graduate, attended. Teske majored in business and accounting.
“I can remember when there was nothing but empty fields surrounding the small school in the beginning days,” retired Teske said. “Only ten percent of the parking lot was used back then. Now, the campus and community have become grown-up in size with a staggering number of people.”
Teske who has enjoyed a long career and who has been in 48 states and traveled to 30 countries attends the Alumni events out of great fondness. Teske credits GCC as an important tributary that enabled him to live well and afforded him many career opportunities.
“Glendale is the perfect place to remind us all of the life-long learning that goes on. We see people who are 14, 15, and 16 and 80, 81, and 82; and we value the continuous learning in the life-span that goes on at this institution…and, it has been nothing but fun to watch it here,” Kovala said.


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